Where are those sugar caffeine carb cravings coming from, and the emotional waves stress and sluggishness …

I hear you love! It’s frustrating, there is a way to the otherside where life is easier, lighter, more energised and clear …

The pollution to consider is not outside you, it’s inside you, this body is made of 70+% water, that water stagnates and get dirty over the years, and leads to all kinds of dis-ease, it needs purifying

You wouldn’t drink dirty water,
so why would you live in dirty water?

The work is within the body, clean up the inner world,You will natural clear up the outer world, it starts within

Out of sight is not out of mind, because your mind lives in all the trillions of cells that make your being, this impacts your whole life, every part of your body,
and why your beliefs impact your health so much

As we start to purify the body clear her alkalise her detox her at cell level, beliefs start to change as your frequencies
changes, the cleaner the body temple the easier it is to embody health and ground into a higher state of consciousness

The mind clears you drop into your body, into your heart
You feel energised liberated and confident,
all confusion dissolves,
an awakening takes place,
you set your soul free and come home Beauty!

When did you last purify your body?

Have you ever purified the water you live in?💧

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