the TRUTH will set YOU FREE

it went to whole other level
the doing the stress the restlessness
unable to be still calm

Then it all landed
trauma revealed itself
as I stopped suppressing my body
and was able to allow it surface
to be heard seen
for what was really going on

We store a traumatic event inside every cell in our body, and this impacts every area of our life, until we witness it feel it heal it and release it

Stored deep in our DNA mother to baby, it’s all passed on, the information to the next,

People would always be telling me to relax to stop doing so much to slow down, and I just couldn’t seem to stop it, like it was a part of me, I remember my beautiful mama being the same,

I tried, but it just kept dragging me back into its grip

Now I know way it was so hard, thinking
I had to do to receive,
I had to do to be approved of,
I had to do to be accepted,
I had to do to be worthy of another’s love,

I kept doing,
so I didn’t have to feel my emotions

Childhood sexual abuse had been stored in my cellular memory since 5

It programmed me to keep running
It programmed stress into my life
It programmed addiction into me

Addicted to
Toxic relationships
Abusing my body

trauma damages our digestive system and nervous system, and often leads to emotional eating eating disorders addictions codependent relationships social anxiety panic attacks and huge hormonal imbalances hypothyroid toxicity and autoimmunity

the stress of the trauma penetrates through to the nervous system causing hormonal imbalances and imbalance to the sacral and throat chakras,

emotional and energetic toxicity accumulation takes place because the body is in an acidic state from the trauma,

storing emotional mental physical toxins at the root

It makes sense to why it took me so long to heal, to much acid in my life —

as I purged the acidic food lifestyle 2 years ago when I started a high alkaline mucus free way of living, trauma surfaced to be healed,

as I no longer suppressed it with acidic foods cellular waste and living in an toxic environment

I had this trauma running my life for 25 years without even knowing, making me run, making me sick, making me addicted to food alcohol drugs getting into codependent relationships, blocking my birthright of happiness and joy

We can forget so much as a kid, because we block it out, the fear the unease the confusion the pain the shame,
it ends up running our life without us even knowing – if we don’t witness it for what it is,

I witnessed it 2 months ago
for what it was
I faced it
I accepted it
(I didn’t not accept what that person did to me, but I accepted what happened)
the event was real
I had to stop ignoring
the thoughts and visions

Finally, I’ve been able to give myself permission to slow down to be still do nothing, the relief is awe-inspiring to my soul

How did I start to shift these patterns habits behaviours to ones that would support me hold me love me into a new chapter in my life …

So many addictions which added so much stress on my body, I had to change the behaviour to change the habit to change my life …

Here’s some of what I worked on,
if this has resonated with you,
start here Beautiful, and feel free to reach out to me privately if you seek support;

– I witnessed that it was real, it did happen, and that I wasn’t going mad
– Putting myself first
– Saying No, taking back my power
– No more not honouring my sacred self-worth
– Being willing to change

– Listening and speaking the ho’oponopono pray of forgiveness
– Sitting and staring out the window visualising what makes me feel good feel Joy in my heart
– Being in nature alot barefoot, breathing deeply, feeling everything feeling mother earths support and love
– Remembering what I love, what lights up MY soul
– Making food my sacred medicine
– Not being around any low vibe people or environments
– Singing dancing
– Affirming: I am free I am relaxed It is safe for me to feel It is safe for me to be me It is safe to be in this body I am worthy and deserving of love and happiness I give myself permission to slow down do nothing be still
– Speaking my truth no more hiding
– Learning to Love my body and sensuality more and more each day
– Self-care self-love practises, healthy food, healing the root, getting support, nature, resting
– Pray meditation, connecting with the light and love we are all made of

We can store trauma in us for entire lifetimes and wonder what was blocking and stopping us from moving forward,
witnessing it is everything
when we feel it
we get to heal it
and release it
and move on
to more peaceful
easy joyful
happy days ahead,

I would love to hear from you if this resonates on any level? If so comment below or reach out to be privately.


Arianna x

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