the medicine of an open heart
it’s powerful
it’s liberation

I woke up this morning and went to drop into my morning meditation practise,

I put my hand to my heart, and felt her magnetic energy, it was electric

She made me stop,
and this came through me
for you,

our heart has the most strongest magnetic pull on it,
its electrical charge can be felt by all

I kept my heart closed for most of my life,
so afraid to have it broken again and again I decided to shut it down,
which meant I shut down feeling connection to others and myself
my self acceptance self love and self care all suffered,

this morning my heart,
vibrated such a strong current
opening an even deeper connection
to myself
my body
it felt so alive.

I’ve spent the last 3 years healing my heart, one of the most profound deep self-love journeys I’ve experienced
and continue on,
as the magic keeps coming

Limpia nuestro corazon
“clean our heart”
(a little Español💃🏻💕💃🏻– currently learning to sing in Spanish to share my sacred Hum(an) vibration
my feminine pure sweet delicate notes whilst facilitating The Body Awakening Tulum & Ibiza 2020)

As our hearts open,
we open to more of who we are
what we are here for
why we are here

Healing my heart has allowed me to;
Feel anger
Feel grief
Feel sadness
Feel fear
Feel hurt
You may ask why do you want to feel that, because it’s in the feeling
the witnessing
that we get to heal and rise into more

As we feel
we heal

We’ve been taught to label our emotions good and bad, there is no such thing,

an emotion is simply showing you what’s going on inside your body, all can be healed

It’s a powerful marker
It’s a powerful awakener
when we listen

this allows us to heal our bodies
physical emotional energetic
and spiritual wellbeing

Our heart is one of our third brains
(heart gut brain) – it connects everything, and is a key player in the removal of old energy old habits old patterns old stories

Our heart knows, our heart calls us forth onto the golden path,

a healthy heart is so precious to us all,
we must take care of her
through tending to our bodies needs
and cleaning our vessel,

keeping pressure off
our delicately powerful core
the ❤️of our being

Are you ready to experience an open heart, and all the opportunities she will bring you?

Do you long to feel your heart open to the joy of life, and to rekindle that self-love?

We can use food to open our heart when we use it in alignment with natures rhythms,

we can shed the layers that are holding us back, we can all do this

It’s a release of our soul
to shine ever brighter
fly even higher
and feel love once again
starting from you
not seeking it outside of yourself
something I did for most of my life

to be at peace in who we are
at home in our sacred heart
from here we get to share the best of us
the best of our essence and presence

If our heart is 5000 times stronger in its magnetic energy then our brain,
it shows the true need to be living in and from our sacred heart
not our head

For a healthy heart we must release the pain the emotions the toxins,
and in doing so
we live free in our body and life

To your heart opening
more and more and more❤️

I love you.

Arianna x