My death bed in Costa Rica, glyphosate poisoning, zika virus, I thought I was dead, self-worth forgotten, body acidic 

Macaws flying by, calling me to SELF-LOVE, It was a message from the source, wake up

start taking care of you, 

starting listening to the body 

back to UK soil, I let go, to let live 

I reclaimed my inner calling, to be with me

to Spain I flew, guided to purify, 

Guided to solitude by the sea, 

home to soul

So alone, but coming-home, an awakening began, the body awakening method came through me

I began a new chapter, I trusted, I died, I was reborn, purification began, like Queen Esther

Priestess’s of the holy light, 

purification IS the remembrance 

fasting, herbs, fruits, veggies, breath, sea air, barefoot, kundalini, chanting, devotion to the God-Goddess, it was celibacy called, no desire to be touched or with another, I needed this space to be with me, to meet myself

to learn more about me, 3 years, no sexual intimacy, even with myself

everything shut down, my body broken open, to be re-built, regenerated a new, 

kundalini awoke my spine

Creativity poured through me, I came home to feeling, for the first time ever, I saw myself, started to see my true Self

Veils dropping, like curtains at the theatre, pineal clitoris, all glands decalcifying

to know truth in this temple body


It was total breakdown to breakthrough, to physical cells emotional layers mental constructs energetic barriers 

trying to protect from being fully seen, It all began to drop

There she is, standing embodied, purified, power reclaimed, purpose calling, accepted 

words writing song dance moving me to 

My sensual sexual truth as a wo-man

body cell yoni heart purification activated me home to living, my flow, the way of love and beauty, everything remembered

femininity encapsulated to heart abound to live free, body singing its song of purity

to ALIVENESS, you are safe to love

yourself, safe to be in this body, safe to live your LIFE fully 

my love, your body purification journey is calling you home to a life of ecstatic bliss pure creation and dreams fulfilled

Do you accept your mission?