Are you really going to let that get in your way?

in the way of your sacred vision

in the way of your happiness 

your well-being your purpose 

your peace, your body joy and confidence 

I can give you all the information you need to lose that excess weight for good, guaranteed, feel energized, beat the sugar cravings and comfort of food and alcohol and let go of all stress … I’ve helped many woman just like you worldwide to do it over and over, 

will you implement

will you keep going 

Or, does that stop start thing happen! 

does it keep interrupting your flow,

commitment stuff seems to come up

you’re not alone, commitment was one of my biggest shits for so long, UNTIL, 

I found an approach that felt supportive nourishing easier, that actually worked and gave that boost of results early on so to kick start that commitment into place and ground down into a full YES to the journey ahead, reclaiming that happiness and health you desire and deserve

I have dropped off so many times in my life, cause the support just wasn’t there, I had my warrior priestess shadow leading the way unconsciously, I don’t need help, I can do it all alone, I need to prove myself, I’ll wait (for what exactly?)

I am so grateful for the support from my mentors, as I slip off track sometimes and having that support there is so powerful to keep loving forward, momentum and growth, feels so good! 

there’s nothing weak about support, it’s exactly WHY we are all here on this Earth with our sacred unique gifts and genius, so we can HELP guide each other home 

my childhood conditioning taught me we don’t get support, we push on stress out until collapse exhaustion and sickness, well I rewrote that story as it was NOT supportive

What story are you holding onto about support? and is it helping you to move forward? 

conscious woman get support 

we allow support in to make it easier

we ask for help when we need it

we don’t believe in hard 

we believe, it DOES get to be easier

there’s always a solution, will you choose the easy, or hard route?

You are a powerhouse of strength,