Pure joy health happiness love, the ocean, writing, daydreaming into the sky the earth the water my spirit, the divinity of the simplest of things, a rich luxurious organic vegan red wine looking out to the blue waters writing the song of poetry that flows, of JOY

Its simplicity, truth is here, its true bliss, awakening Radiant now body,

when you can feed off your own creativity divinity and flow from here 

In a fit healthy happy radiant body

Dissolve clear rid the dis-ease now

you have an important mission,

on purpose, this is pure health

I use to need to be validated to feel enough

Now I validate myself from within 

I use to need so much attention

Now I am at peace within mySelf

Being empowered to reclaim your health is the catalyst to aligning to more purpose,

it all starts with your health, How you feel? How does your body feel? heavy or light? stagnant or free? exhausted or energised? sad, stressed or happy, clear? 

Health is the ticket to freedom, I attempted to bypass the physical clearing and alkalising of my sacred body, soon found out, no way Arianna, no bypassing the physical clearing and alkalising if you want to embody your most alive vibrant health … tried that one, how about you love?

I AM a multi dimensional feminine christed light anchored in the holy now, eating breathing writing loving singing dancing in this healthy vibrant body temple of divinity

I healed it all, through nature, and empowered myself to be my best self my true-Self, the journey continues, always learning growing loving ready for more of life to flood me with its grace… this is my bliss♥️ What’s your bliss Beauty?