Life has always been an exploration into my body, for a long time that was escaping through substance stimulants to feel more secure and confident, then the BREAKTHROUGH upon breakthrough took place and continues too

there’s always another level no matter where you’re at, and that shift starts inside this TEMPLE of transformation and creation, home!

I want to share something I’ve been loving on for a number of years now … mantra work … WOW!

Did you know, WHY Beauty your body is SO special, powerful and sacred? We women are very special beings, we hold 2 arc lines, ear to ear as do our beautiful men, and the second arc line in women nipple to nipple. Weird wonderful magic body awakenings!

… those of us that go so deep, can rise to the highest heights … with you all the way SiSTARS!

this nipple arc line is a unification between our higher and lower bodies, acting as a point of harmony within. It’s your ultimate radiance activation point, emanation of you, the feminine Christ within.

We are powerful divine creatures of the light, and why your body is your TEMPLE of EVERYTHING.

the Mantra I work with to strengthen this 6th body is this one I am chanting, “Ang Sang Waheguru”🎼 progress comes from repetition, repetition is KEY to see results anywhere in our life

Mantras rid negativity, bad habits, fear, doubt, stress, and instil calm and clarity, open the heart, shift consciousness, connecting you to the higher frequencies of well-being, peace, joy, bliss and ecstasy, connecting us to the sacred essence in all creation #unity

Felt called to share this potent practise, for anyone who wants to truly embody their true-self and elevate their creativity potential, embody vibrant WELLness and feel their divine self dance with life❤️✨

Music by the Beautiful @mirabaiceiba