Weekends are when I drop into a long dry fast, whether I’m at home or traveling, nothing sways this for me, 
it’s built into me 
dialed into my DNA 
and part of who I am now,

Like anything.
the more you LIVE IT
the more you practise it
the more you BECOME IT
and the easier 
and more automated it gets

like the breath 
it’s just a DONE thing
well so can 
living vibrantly 
living energized 
living aligned 
living free in your body

So currently on my weekly long dry fast, and I’m feeling deeply connected at the core of my being and in my heart, activated within my cells and DNA

this life feels like a joyful flow of presence
in the here and now
where you can access anything

Every weekend I take my body healing journey a bit deeper, having supported and deeply nourished my body through mucus free lean eating and some delicious treats over the week, 
ideas fierce energy excitement expansion is coursing through my body 
it’s here
YOU get to feel so alive!

This is the thing we have to remember, 
where is your body right now
TUNING into your body right now 
Asking her what she needs

so often this is swayed by mistruths misinformation lies and confusion
the body doesn’t heal here

it heals from a place of 
simplicity and discipline

I committed and devoted myself to my body as a health enthusiast many many years ago now,
but in the last 2-3 years in a HUGE way

and I can see clearly what this has done for me and my clients, a catalyst of body illumination to a place of body liberation and where you get to 
come home to your peace 
home to your joy 
home to your divine energy 
and unique qualities and abilities


I’ll spend tomorrow the day I break my long dry fast only eating high water content fruits, juices and smoothies, enemas are a must to flush out the waste that has been shifted and broken down during the long dry fasting period,
and toxin dead water that is only got to by dry fasting, 
HERE we heal on a quantum level

Your body can’t be forgotten for most of the year then oh I’ll just do a 7 day detox now, then back to the normal way of eating and living, 
Doesn’t come from this place 
and never will
there is always enough time for you 
there is always enough time for your bodies needs 
there is always enough time for your presence 
to be loved nurtured nourished 
and if there isn’t

then it’s not something you value enough 
and you probably want to leave my page 🤣because I’m an absolute fanatic of living the most vibrant aligned life in a body you adore


Because in my opinion, I believe and actually embody the living proof of it, that we ALL have a shit load of toxic stagnant rotting waste inside us

AND there’s NO WAY 
I’m settling to live with that
putrefaction inside me

you won’t hear me tip toeing around this matter, I’m open real and honest – it’s changed my life in this body and I know it change yours, if you want it desire it 
And are ready for this kind of freedom!!

I lived with this crap inside me for years 
And I felt like shit, anxious, exhausted, eating junk, craving everything (when I thought I needed it, it’s not your intuition on this one, it’s feeding the obstruction inside you) chronic PMS, thyroid issues, infections, hair loss, skin issues, body pain, brain fog, weight fluctuations, lack of self-esteem, lack of trust, toxic stimulant addictions and emotional eating …

I was stuck in toxic eating habits that blocked my truth and kept me stuck for over a decade, it was soul destroying,

as you can see now, the shedding is very real, you get to have the body you want.

You CAN have it all.

So aligned and vibrant,
Come from getting the waste out

🐛those parasites (you’ve seen mine, who the hec would want that inside them!!)
☄️the mucus (balls just fall lot of me when I do enemas- and my sister said she had balls of mucus come out of her today)

yep my sisters totally into it as well, not quite as fanatical as me, but she sees the next level transformation and wants it too, so watches learns and takes action based on my body awakening lifestyle

AND of course she gets next level results, you can’t expect radical results by doing something that’s based on mistruths of the way the human body heals

YES, of course it can work for you too, 
it’s a lifestyle that is crafted to 
empower you 
support you 
nourish you

BUT first the parasites mucus acid stones alllll this junk that’s blocking your system and slowly things down has to come out!!

So you get to choose Gorgeous, 
you get to continue the upward hill struggle and implementing health stuff that just isn’t true and even dangerous to the body

Or you get to 
clear the body out
Make space for grace 
align to your highest vibe
embody that badass body-thats waiting to reveal itself 
activate the energy inside you 
beam your radiance out to the world 
Awaken total vibrant body alignment

And so here it is –

💃🏻VIBRANT BODY ENERGY ALIGNED has awoken out of me for you

It’s a totally next level 21 day initiation to awaken your entire BEing body energy vibrancy back into alignment –www.ariannaaunon.com/vibrant-body-energy-aligned

It’s 21 days 
It’s 6 modules (2 a week so we’ll be diving in and getting this body show in super high vibe and seeing transform that will make you beam with joy and excitement)

PLUS a BONUS 7 days of integration and live content and support from me.

Gorgeous, until you remove what’s causing the symptoms the imbalance and the frustration 
then nothing can get to work or healing

solid results that last come from getting to the root, I learnt this the hard way, maybe you too – 
health is not surface level its cell deep

We shift the BODY into a higher frequency where you experience real WELLNESS
when you REMOVE the toxins

Squirming freaking out saying it’s not for you, saying you don’t have the toxins 
is total down right ignorant,

No regular detox or cleanse will touch what I’m talking about here
and why I live breath own 
what I teach 
as sacred and beyond health.

If you are currently experiencing ANY symptoms I can confidently say the body is backed up with toxicity on many levels

Love note reminder Gorgeous: 
I got in my own way for way to long. 
Are you getting in your own way right now? 
If so, is it not time to step to one side and let the body receive what it needs to heal?

It’s time Beautiful 
It’s time to stop putting it off
It’s time because it’s NOW 
It’s here you get to quantum shift shake awaken and hop timelines to the one where you’re already right now healing deeply and receiving seeing feeling amazing shifts inside your body

It’s here you get to transform your biological age and totally alter your state,

ANTI-AGE all of you,

What so you think I’m going to settle for “oh I’m 40 or nearly 40, 45, 50, 55+ and it’s just my age”


It’s NOTHING to do with your age
that’s just a random number 
that has nothing to do with your health

BUT what does is your lifestyle, 
and how much waste you have in your body,

I’ll show you how to permanently alter your biological age, effortlessly, and you’ll have this secret ingrained in you at DNA level, FOREVER!!💎

So Beautiful,

Are ready now?

Are you in?

Join us here for 28 days of next level body healing and magic, 
it’s going to awaken so much beauty and joy into your body, 
I can’t wait to support you Beauty! 
Liberation awaits you – www.ariannaaunon.com/vibrant-body-energy-aligned

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