Are you holding onto body shame Beautiful?

You are not alone, I held so much shame in my body for so long, and on some level, it was unconscious for a long while as I didn’t know how to term the feeling I had 

I felt ashamed of my body

I felt embarrassed by my sexuality

I felt dirty by the desire to feel free to express my sensuality as a woman 

I had zero confidence 

I had to drink to feel confident enough with a man and around friends 

I used food as an escape from all this 

I got addicted on many levels 


a few weeks ago I went to a kind of pool party, it was a very beautiful sacred gathering of souls celebrating 2 dear sisters solar returns

I arrived at a spa, swimwear on, into a room full of strangers (of course not really) the feeling of home in myself, the confidence in my body, the peace in my soul allowed me to see there were no strangers, I was home to me safe free liberated to simply do my thing 

I danced my ass off on the pool said dance floor, bum so beautiful, embracing my femininity, rocking my body, loving on my magic, it felt so good, to just let go, this is me, here I am, total self-acceptance 

from a place of total unacceptable total self-abuse and self-punishment — to a vibrant new fresh space within of soul-acceptance self-love self-respect, oh beauty, does life get good! 


I share this to inspire your soul, you can overcome anything if you’re willing to take the action within and commit to your vision.

Holding space for you Courageous Powerful Woman. 

Love you!


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