I struggled for years with my body image
with loving myself with honoring my value and gifts as a women,

I had lost my sacred self worth which I was born with, buried under all the lies and mistruths

So much shit layered on top from
childhood traumas disconnection from my heart and lost in unworthiness through others beliefs (not my truth)

I stayed in a place of feeling like everyone was above me
I put everyone else on pedestal,

I learnt this wasn’t mine,

You get to choose what is yours and what is not, let it go release it dissolve those untruths and cords that aren’t serving you,

by coming home to our
sacred body
sacred heart
sacred truth
purging the old and starting fresh

willing to see what real bliss is
and that it’s your natural state when the energetic skin emotions toxins and unhealthy habits
have been shed

My sacral chakra had been stuck blocked distorted since a little girl, where I decided what relationships sensuality money and balance meant to me,

I made up a story that wasn’t of the highest

Again it wasn’t my truth

It was someone else’s (distortion)

After the most profound healing recalibration reconfiguration on my sacral chakra – everything is so clear
so free so full of love
so connected so grounded
so present in my truth

I feel a deep self-worth an even deeper self-love and respect for myself my life my body my heart my bliss

Feelings I do know, it’s coming home to what’s real – which is abundant infinite love, and it feels like my divine truth of liberation,
through the grace of the universe of the embodiment of my truth,
from doing my deep healing work,

pure commitment to my next level and beyond

to be in total integrity to myself my truth my body and walking my talk,
this is pure, this is freedom

I feel a pure embodiment of my integrity to me, divine love

We are all limitless beings of potential of grace
children of god the universe the cosmos

Abundant health is who you are
Which is love
Which is born worthy of your desires
Born in your heart
Born to thrive under grace
Born to serve in integrity to our highest souls expression

Playing down our desires serves no one

Coming home to the sacred love your body is made of, serves everyone

this is your birthright

You get to decide
and say yes to your

body vision
body dreams
body love

Health is where everything starts

Set a strong brave loving worthy foundation, and flowers will blossom

Your inner paradise will blossom.

You must say yes to you.

You can heal your body x

Arianna x