The Body Awakening Workshop London

November 2019

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Come and join us for a morning with Arianna Aunon at our Islington Townhouse.

About this Event

Arianna Aunon is an award-winning Women’s health, registered & qualified evolved nutritionist, thyroid and quantum & cellular detoxification specialist.

Arianna supports women who have struggled for years with their body, thyroid issues, weight gain, exhaustion, emotional eating, and chronic hormonal imbalances – some have been put on toxic medication, feel they’re eating healthy and doing many of the right things, but are still struggling and not getting the results they desire.

We’re very excited to invite you to a very special event where you can participate in an intimate workshop with Arianna to deep dive in to the emotional and physical health of your body and learn how to implement nutritional and lifestyle shifts in your everyday life so you can start to heal your body at its core. The information shared by Arianna at this event is normally only given to her private clients.

You will learn about mucus free-lean eating, cellular detox, and how promote age reversal through cellular regeneration, and how to shift your energy state fast to feel centred aligned and totally reset in your mind-body-soul.

What you will receive and take away with you:

– Learn what are the best foods to heal support and nourish you so you feel deeply satisfied
– How to eliminate all cravings, weight gain, exhaustion, brain fog and body pain
– How to reset your body whilst you sleep, waking clear inspired and energised
– How to activate effortless age reversal over night
– Techniques to tune-into a deep peace inside your body
– Re-connect to a trust in your body and feel safe as your true self
– Simple exercises to open your heart up to receive and feel connected 
– Easy ways to release old emotions and feel a sense of freedom from within
– How to press your internal Reset button to set your body frequency to Vibrant Health

The workshop is accompanied by dance and movement, chanting and breath-work which will help to release stagnated energy and awaken a feel good energy and peace throughout the body.


Find Arianna Aunon here:ñón-womens-health-specialist

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