I was in bed reading vogue last night and saw this,

“To break the rules ,
You must first master them.”

It made me think of how this is so true in nutrition and understanding how to use food as medicine, and not attachment

I mastered these rules of wrong eating and came to the clear understanding that it’s the toxic food causing 90% of the discomfort pain and suffering in the body

The rules are never what we want to follow, it’s a system not here to support us,
and so much of nutrition and diets
so called ‘healthy eating’ is
trapped under this system of
old, very outdated knowledge
and little wisdom of the
human specie

I mastered wrong eating and wrong nutrition, to find out 2 years ago that we are designed to eat high fruit diets,

it’s the best food on our digestive system so light gentle sweet high vibrational when eaten alone, and our digestive system being the core – we must heal to heal whatever is going

without fruit sugar the body gets sick, the simple sugar in fruit is essential for human life, our evolution, our ascension and healing of humanity and our planet

The original vegan lifestyle was mucus-free and it’s this very lifestyle that returns us to our light body effortlessly,
back to our truest self,
it effortlessly peels away the layers that are no longer serving us
to set humanity and our planet free

the joy of living a truly honestly sweet life
healthy vibrant clear calm centred and grounded, beyond words, is here

Why does a young kid love sweet fruit, because it’s our species natural food,
before it’s taste buds are messed with processed and over cooked foods, and then it’ll want burgers chocolate sweets chips and sauce…

Many think luxury is eating all you want, but how can food be luxury if it’s killing you?

I use to think this too, and as a total food lover like massive food lover,

I have not found another way I would rather live my life then how I do with this detoxification lifestyle which has upgraded my life body mind energy and entire state of being

Why do we always want sweetness after our meal, because it’s our core food that satisfies us – beyond anything!

If fruit was bad I would be in the worst health of my life, because I eat large amounts daily, but I’m actually in the best health of my life, actually in paradise in this body and so in love with my precious soul and her mission more than ever,

fruit is freedom 💋

We can activate natural DMT through the pineal gland which means we get to deepen into the flow of our universe
open up more of our vision creativity intuition wisdom, and feel super grounded at the same time, and see the colour of life!

I have 100% 70% and 30% fruit days depending on where I am with my monthly cellular detoxification lifestyle,

its living into pure ecstasy,

Bliss is real in this body

the power fruits have to change your lifestyle and health is immense! and it doesn’t mean you have to only eat fruit to benefit from its potent healing medicine

I choose health love and freedom,

what do you choose?

We get to feel
so supported
so nourished
so liberated
so free
in this body

when we are No longer controlled by the old nutrition rules and internal toxicity craving all the junk

Living liberated in a body that you deeply connect with, there is nothing more expansive and Beautiful then this,


this is your birthright x


Arianna x

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