so what? you wait to die? you hand all your power over to people who don’t heal 
but suppress 
or take out body parts unnecessary

my dads brother has been told he has 25% of his lungs left, and the doctors say there’s nothing they can do, no medication, of course there’s no fucking medication, because medication can’t. will not. will not EVER heal anyone

Yes it may help you through a patch, 
but it’s NO solution for any kind of healing

it’s furthering the problem
and installing addiction

No. It’s no ones fault, it’s just what they’ve been taught
brainwashed to belief the body is 
that weak 
it can’t heal ITSELF

BULLSHIT. This is a fucking joke, beyond, so brainwashed that lives are taken whipped away like a shooting star in the sky. 
Way past the dimension.

what happened to 

We go through this every night and day
as we lay our head to rest we drop into other realms 
Recovering quantum information 
To awaken the next day 
With the chance to rebirth 
our soul thoughts beliefs

But oh no, POWER is given away again and again and again

AND I get it, we’re made to fear our body.

Never educated on what it really is 
or how it even heals 

you fear worry 
they crushed you with the mistruths out there
telling you you can’t
it’s incurable 
it’s chronic 
you have cancer 
you have … days months to live!!

there’s a more sinister story being played out here, 

We have been bought here to awaken 
our garden of Eden
Our paradise 
Our heaven
Heaven is not somewhere you go
You are already here
But sleeping 
It’s time to wake up now and see the TRUTH

You’ll take a man made pill, that hasn’t even been properly tested and if it has the trails are fixed
But you question 

Led to fear the purity
The intelligence 
The innate beauty 
The Grace 
The powerful stillness and presence of nature
It’s feared
Because the human mind
“But how can it be” 
to eat plants eat clean and have herbs 
and I can heal, oh my.

Oh fucking my 
yes we can 

Don’t you see, you’re being played with.

With this 
ignorance of humanity

I say this with love and compassion in my heart, but we have to awaken to this body we are in, 
that can and will heal from anything given the right healing conditions,

the body WANTS to heal

The body wants to 
PURGE all the toxins 
that are causing 

the mind 
societies programming 
gets in the way

our organs are made of tissue 
our tissue is made of cells 
which can and will regenerate given the right foods and environment 
cells naturally die and new ones grow

The most powerful operating table is nature (reform on Prof Ehrets wisdom!)

nature is my religion, 
I have seen miracle after miracle, it’s a 
Never ending ever flowing cascade of healing power yes in the plants yes in the detoxification process yes in cellular regeneration yes in dropping into your heart knowing you are safe 
and coming home to nature

“Life is a tragedy of nutrition” – Prof Ehret

Plants are a force do be reckoned with
maybe it’s time to let the intelligence of nature do it’s work
and for you to step aside and quit it

Nature is my religion and always will be 
we are here to commune daily with this intelligence
and from here
See how your body health life and how existence transforms

The passion I have for our real medicine the PLANTS is absolute respect honour appreciation

Do you see they hold everything you’e been searching seeking wanting needing EVERYTHING

They healed me of hypothyroid, severe anxiety, chronic parasite infections, major hair loss, body pain, cravings, skin issues, eating disorders, hormone chaos, chronic toxic build up,

…and healed my clients of;
Endometriosis, hashimotos, infertility, housebound for years to walking in 1 week, chronic body pain, kidney disease, IBS, a degenerating system, migraines, depression, a tough menopause, chronic bowel problems …

they are the medicines
here for us to heal
It’s truth
It’s real
It’s nature
It’s who we are at our core!!

So what do you choose … 
man made 
or made by yours divinely 
already waiting for you, 
with no re-toxing the Body
but finally 

It’s clear
It’s simple
It’s the forbidden 
It’s actually 
The realness of TRUTH itself 
Act accordingly 
and you shall 
and will

That shall heal us all. 

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