Beauty! a shit load of paleo santo and sage burning going on my end (with family😅) who else has got there holy woman sticks out?!🔥🔥🔥💃🏻

burn baby burn
disco in furno
let’s burn the stories now
let that shit go with so much love
let the limitations transmute alchemise transcended – higher we rise 🦅
release what no longer serves you
shed that heavy uncomfortable skin
of the serpent of the illusionary bhla
of the disease to initiation to be-come
see a new perspective
of bliss of light of love
the freedom that IS
a New Earth
through the eye of the needle
we remember paradise garden
ecstasy unfolding
furling to sunrise
emotional waters flow
opening the heart of ecstatic joy

… home we fly,
Avalon bound baby.

there is no limitations only liberation

there is no restrictions just revelations

Shed the story

Awaken anew

Peace Beauty!

New Earth Birthing YOU!🦋♥️🌿🌏🌿♥️🦋