What inspired me to make the change … I couldn’t bare to imagine a life where I didn’t go all in on be-coming em-bodying my best self, feeling the way I WANTED TO FEEL INSIDE


truly living as my true Self, the thought of missing out on living life as the BEST most radiant version of me, was not an option 

Summer time is nearly hear love, how you feeling in your body? 

One thing, I must share now, if you’re in this place of thinking, I’m past it, my body has gone to far one way, there’s no return, actually, this is not true, this body your body is a temple of adaption, it can adapt transform heal change and that vision – IS YOURS TO BIRTH!

You know so many make out this body to be such a struggle, and it sure is when we don’t listen to her … action IS required!

Like I did, I didn’t listen to my body for many moons, until I got to a point when not listening to her was just NOT an option as she was screaming at me so loudly through all the pain bloat stress exhaustion stimulant cravings 

I had to stop tune in, take stock of what she was so loving trying to tell me, to TRULY listen and stop ignoring her sacred voice of heal me!

But I didn’t listen, and I went onto nearly have no digestive function, eating a piece of lettuce was hard work, clumps of my hair (our crown) falling out in the shower, I felt so stressed about my body, like I was out of control, my brain was a thick foggy cloud, I always woke up tried, needed pick me ups all day long …

…to ignore what my body was wanting to show me, I would do do do to distract myself, then use food to escape numb suppress, and control other areas of my life, to feel in control

But my beauty, I want you to know something, even though this all sounds so horrendous, and yes it was, but now I can see the gift in it all, it has been the PATH home to remembering myself, who I really am, the body bliss babe👙

It’s under all that pain, that I found my bliss, cause I found the courage in my heart to go within and face it, and in the  facing of it and no longer running from it, I discovered the true Self, the bliss babe, she’s in us all, the joy health happiness clarity certainty and peace in this body 

It’s real.

It’s revelation!

It’s the return of BLISS.

what inspires YOU to make change?❤️💫✨