Beautiful, all relationships start inside your body, when this landed for me, things changed, in a really good way, maybe it was rocky for a while whilst I found my feet with a new perspective, but a new perspective is all you need to make peace in this body. 

We moan about our relationships with others, when it’s just a reflection of our relationship with our-self, this shift can liberate you into empowering freedom. 

I had to get uncomfortable with the truth, to be able to move beyond it, and to embody the vision

I had for myself, and that vision isn’t about having a perfect body or looking perfect all the time, not at all, I learnt that if I wanted to become the best me, the true me, then I had to change my inner world, I had to clear the toxicity inside me. 

I learnt we never truly know who we are, until our temple is clean clear cleansed, here your authentic true confident fearless loving clear limitless self comes home, well the truth is, you’ve always been home, but to feel at home you have to tend to the inner garden,

…is your garden blooming with sweet flowers and vibrancy, or is it full of weeds waste and wondering where that vibrancy is? 

My love, it’s under all that stuff, shift that, and feel your innate freedom to rise shine and thrive as the magnificent woman you are! 


I love you!❤️