Beautiful🌸all this body has ever wanted is to be best friends, no longer at war within, this starts within you, that relationship starts within you

bypassing cleaning the physical body to get healthy and happy doesn’t work, I tried it, this physical body needs attention, love, respect …

I remembered how to love myself, to love this body, through eating high frequency foods alkalizing, and detoxifying at a cellular level🌱

self-love, self-care, trust, it’s everything, HEALTH is everything, there is nothing more important than the way you feel, feeling is everything, are you ready to love on you deeply now Beauty?

it all starts with LOVE #selflove #truthalways #theplantshealthisbody #natureknows

prevention is way better than cure, what are you waiting for? I see you. I hear you. I honour your Soul Self stepping up to be the change

that change starts inside you, that change is you, today, it’s a decision away, to enter a new reality of divine awakened happiness, health clarity, soul-potential in this body

She’s your sacred feminine temple of freedom!💕🎀

I AM an innocent child of LOVE …

I forgive myself …

I allow love to awaken in me now …

I embrace this body of love …

feeling the call home to your true-Self?

to ultimate freedom and JOY!



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