a body of curiosity woke in Marbella, a new adventure 

to a new way of eating, that destroyed the hype, a return to dignity   

all those beliefs about how and what I needed to eat

all those programs about what health is, it’s a frequency  

I started to dismantle it all at a cellular level 

I stopped believing it, and went within to find-out 

I started to see what my body was showing me

tuning into truth called me into feeling, not believing 

she took me into the unknown, into the feminine, the Yin

she took me home to a realisation of THE.WAY. healing 

buried under so much programming family traditions societies piece, 

food became a distraction, truth was lost to the box

thought to be healthy I need it, but it’s good for me, IS IT????

disguised as unconscious addictions running the mind into toxic loops

my love, It all came bubbling up, like rose champagne on my lips

the beauty the magic the optimism that, food is actually a portal to peace

the excess weight urgh feelings stress just yuck and disconnected,

It’s a fairy Queens Wand, waiting to be taken with courage, to awaken

the curiosity, of why is it not working? I asked many times, over, you too, I’m sure

so we end doing the same thing over, implement the new, you start to blossOM

acidic foods, so much cooked, oh I need meat to ground for energy, but breeky is so important,

I can’t not eat or drink for…, but wheres my protein, but I need it

It’s all nonsense Beautiful, us Queens, we do not put up with this, we laser focus to embody truth, of endless lightness freedom peace elevation joy clarity in this temple of Magdalena

alkaline foods, you can Thrive, energy is endless, space is created, purpose activated, fasting ignites your QUEENS EMBODI-MENT, true health is re-membered

you learn what you truly need and don’t need, spirals of nature nurture and linear living collapses

the beauty is right here, we get to come home to the more evolved plant-based alkaline way of living, from here you begin to master your information intake (food) and pave your freedom

you start to truly see what makes you feel so good and what actually doesn’t 

When the truth is revealed all fear is let go of

its living beyond fears into LOVE 

to see what’s truly possible 

when plants become your healing partners 

food is a gateway to your ultimate body ease

nutrition is a pure adventure to meeting yourself more deeply

we can all choose to ignore the pain and suppress it, but that makes life very hard and uncomfortable, which is a lie 

Or darling,

we can choose to enter our pleasure, to own your desires to feel SO WELL at peace, to love yourself, see our hormones balance, your weight melt away, your true QUEEN self be the eyes that guide you

I choose paradise in this body everyday, I ditched pain, I chose to learn a new way, I chose to say yes to the excitement of the unknown, what it has for us, the mystery of HOW GOOD YOU CAN TRULY FEEL in your body

How GOOD can you LET it get?! 

I choose to eat to nourish detox purify cleanse regenerate rejuvenate rebuild re-AWAKEN en-joy, to remember who we REALLY are, the life you truly want to live

it’s a birthing process of your true Self, as the way is alkalised 

the feminine the magical the love the healing guides your way, as the acid is washed away, the cause of all dis-ease, the feminine energy awakens more within your body and trust is honored to birth THE QUEEN you are EVEN more

Have you ever thought, how what you eat impacts your feminine and masculine energies, what you attract, how you feel, and the habits lived?

Love you!


Aka Health Goddess x