So much can shift when a clear way through the weight battle stress and food addictions is shown

I know how much you’ve tried Beauty, and it’s bloody frustrating, I hear you

the diets, the exercise regimes…what’s missing? why isn’t the weight staying off? why does it keep coming back? this was Audra’s journey when she came to me back in June

she was struggling with excess weight, fatigue, poor self control with her food choices, living a very high stress lifestyle, and working nights

she was curious to how our Body awakening Reset method could help her lose the weight for good

her symptoms were causing a knock on affect in her life, making her lack confidence and self-esteem, she could feel her liver was struggling through her sluggishness and unhappy skin, all showing an overloaded toxic liver and hormones out of balance

after booking in her complementary Body Breakthrough call where we discussed what was possible for her and how to get the results she wanted

in 10 weeks she had already lost 30lbs with a few simple shifts in her nutrition emotions and mindset, and feeling the nourishment of our weekly accountability call

Audra has seen amazing shifts in here weight, stress levels, sleep quality, energy levels, motivation to exercise, and self-love, positive shifts all round

she is now seeing the power of her food choices and how they impact her mindset, how she feels in her body, and her focus, also incredible opportunities have effortlessly arrived into her lap, her magnetic energy is awakening 

Audra realised how she likes a gentle nurturing approach where she can go at her pace to her goals, knowing support is there

so happy with how far she has come she has signed up to another 6 months of support, as she’s loving her growth learning and results, and is going for another 30lbs weight-loss, I know she can do it, all it requires is a process that we know works, and implementing it

Book a complimentary Body Breakthrough call to work with me privately. 

Start January 2022 with clarity certainty and excitement to get the weight-loss you want (link in bio)💖