A powerful week of divine wise embodied women from around our sacred earth sharing their incredible precious vulnerable life stories, of healing rising transforming awakening embodying deeper states of self-love and consciousness, and the wild ride that comes with all this, the ups downs challenges, and how they overcame the adversity and moved through the fear, to a fearless place of determination and liberation to be the change!

You will be activated, this is a catalyst, it is through storytelling that we are activated-awoken-awakened, back to our roots, right down to our cells,

where you transform,

renew rebirth!

We are each others medicine right now!

Your BODY is the medicine 

If you are ready to be activated at a cellular level and awaken the empowered HEALTHY woman that is living inside you right now

Ready to blossom and rise into her most empowered boundless healthy radiant strong heart-self,

This IS For You Beautiful!
We’ll be covering: Nutrition, Cellular Detox, Mindset, Consciousness, Embracing Change, Spirituality, Our Sacred Earth, Empowerment, Sensuality, Business, Embodiment, Self-Love, Body-love, Awakening, Transformation, Sovereignty & Much more!!

Your Host Arianna Aunon is an Award-Winning Women’s Health, Thyroid and Cellular Detox Coach and Specialist, Healer, Intuitive, Retreat Facilitator, and Natural Health Advocate, a truth seeker and catalyst to facilitate the awakening of true health sovereignty of humanity.

Arianna believes it’s possible to heal anything in the body naturally, having healed the incurable herself- an eating disorder at 17, to severe anxiety, to emotional eating, hormonal chaos, to hypothyroid, auto-immunity and major toxic overload, and huge struggles with confidence and self-love.

With nearly 20 years of life experience studies research healing, a journey of deep soul remembrance and coming home to her true-self, Arianna emanates vibrant health, the founder and creatrix of The Body Awakening Way and Barefoot Luxury Alkaline Living, a healing method and way of living that gets to the root cause, sets a powerful foundation for true health and allows you to live your health truth, empowered, embodied and free.

Specialising in; hormonal health, thyroid health, gut health, detoxification, cravings, weight-loss, stress, anxiety, quitening the busy mind, embodiment, emotions, The Womens Body, true-self awakening, coming home to divinity, inner-peace, love, bliss and an open-heart.

Arianna supports women around the globe to next level health and body awakening, true soul remeberance of the true-self, with nature as our ally, Arianna say’s it is here we embody our true divine nature. Currently co-authoring The Successful Body Book out in November 2020 finalising her first Book The Body Awakening, and Co-authoring another book on Health & Spirituality.

British Vogue say’s ‘Arianna’s programs are a wonder for the body mind and soul’.

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Amazing women from around the world who stand for truth, awakening, freedom, Health, LOVE, & living sovereign!

Vanya Silverten works internationally as an intuitive energy healer, teacher, speaker and author.
She has helped over 10,000 people progress on their spiritual path.
OK magazine has descried her work as ‘cathartic’ and ‘uplifting’.
She teaches sacred women’s work online and in retreats.
Vanya’s latest #1 bestselling book SACRED REVOLUTION is a great summer read for every woman.
Vanya Silverton

Katie is a success and business coach, quantum healer, podcaster, and on top of it all an extreme sports athlete.

Her mission is to help her clients and audience recognize that being and honoring ALL of yourself and your expression is the secret sauce no one else on earth has – and you have it for a reason bigger than you!

She believes your business can fill your soul, scratch your itch for adventure, impact the world AND fill your bank account.

Through embodiment methods, quantum healing and business strategy, Katie’s goal is to get you out of your head and back I to your body to take actions from your heart.

She believes when we turn fear into flow state, nothing can hold us back.

Katie Hitchcock

Alex’s passion has always been in health and human optimisation. From the age of 5 she was obsessed with finding out what was the source of dis-ease.
Her own health struggles drove her to study Ayurveda in India in her early 20’s where she was initiated into a high level of natural healing.
Her path later took deep into nutritional studies with various healers and teachers, whilst consulting to some of the most prestigious Spa’s in the world; but somehow the deeper answers she was seeking still eluded her.
Alex took a break from working in the healing arts and dove into high fashion for a few years before the radical breakdown of her own health took her back into healing; but this time from a whole new perspective.
It took her deepest health crisis to bring it all together and initiate Alex into a whole new way of looking at health and life in a body.
“One of the truest healers of her time who fully embodies her teachings” is how Alex has most often been described due to her 360 degree approach to healing our lives on all levels.
Alexandra Cousins

Tara Daylami is a licensed mental health therapist and certified life coach But unlike traditional mental health therapists,

Tara’s mission is not to “cure” her clients Instead she creates a safe space for clients to turn within – to their innate wisdom – and begin to cure and heal themselves

Tara’s work revolves around this philosophy of self-healing and the ability to trace back to our most primal human selves to find alignment (Over the past 17 years, Tara has worked everywhere from community mental health clinics and psychiatric wards to high-end residential facilities with professional athletes and celebrities)

She currently works with high level entrepreneurs and contracts with NFL teams in the Bay Area to deliver mental health services to their players (Aside from this, Tara is also an animal activist, deeply passionate about helping people transition to a vegan lifestyle & mindset, and believes that helping to raise the overall consciousness of humanity is her primary purpose on this planet).

Tara Daylami

Hilde Larsen, known as the one who Inspires, is the CEO and founder of
She is a certified Health and Mindset Coach, an Author, a Keynote Speaker, Detox Specialist, Raw food Teacher, and Life-Enthusiast. Her glowing enthusiasm for health and vitality has the leading role in her work. Hilde Larsen writes articles, has her own blog and YouTube channel. She is the author of three published books: From HELL to Inspired, Know The Truth and Get Healthy, and No More Bullshit.

She creates online video programs and has a popular membership site, The Inspired Members.

Her interest in healing and spiritual growth also led her to become a Reiki Healer. She is highly intuitive and has a strong connection to Mother Earth and the spiritual world.

Inspired By Hilde
I specialize in Autoimmune, Lyme Disease, Digestive Health, Chronic Fatigue, Parasites, Candida, Anxiety, Depression and Spiritual Health.

Born and raised in Stavanger, Norway, she and her husband of 30 years have a second home in Florida, USA. She is a proud mother and grandmother, and a tree hugger at heart. Called by nature and spirit, she is inspiring many to take back their power and to live a healthy successful life doing what they love.

She is the authority in her field that has walked her talk. She also values the time with her clients, and her time in nature with her closest family and friends. In her first book “From HELL to Inspired”, Hilde shares her full story. A heartfelt gripping journey about her struggles from bedridden to living her dreams. Her second book “Know the Truth and Get Healthy”, is a step-by-step guide to true health and vitality.

The third book, No More Bullshit, challenges the reader to dig deeper into life’s meaning, revisit some old patterns, and learn how to let go of false beliefs and old programming.
A book that makes you think and seek your truth.
Hilde Larsen

Founder of The Wise Girlfriend, Wendy is a Personal Change Specialist, Coach and Creator who has spent the past decade excavating and dusting off her inner wisdom. 

She has found herself in deep conversation with her inner knowing in order to navigate losing 63 pounds of unwanted bodyfat, heal and grow from the end of a long-term relationship, chart the choppy waters of single motherhood, triumph in the face of financial difficulty, embark on the intense learning journey of entrepreneurship, survive the online dating scene, marry her soul mate, create The Wisdom of Change oracle card deck, secure a publisher for her first book and relocate to Dubai with her husband and children. 

The focus of her work is to share the insights and reflections that continue to work for her on her journey of personal change and support her growing client base.

Wendy Prior

Loren Trlin is a human consciousness and mindset expert helping entrepreneurs and change-makers create large-scale impact in the world. 
She’s the founder of The Abundant Entrepreneur Accelerator and The Abundant Alchemist guiding coaches and entrepreneurs around the world to step into their full abundant potential through business strategy, money mindset and vibrational alignment.
Loren hosts The Modern Alchemist podcast, sharing the wisdom and strategies of some of the biggest change-makers in the world. 
Loren is an Aussie currently residing in LA and enjoying adventures with her puppy Fernando.


Social media links: 
Loren O Trlin

Libby is a galactic business coach, shamanic healer, event host & cofounder of social initiatives The Self Wealth Project and Leaders Making A Difference and cofounder of charity Hope2Fam.

With a science degree in psychology and trained in shamanism, leadership and mentorship, her grounded approach to life and business uniquely combines science and spirituality in holistic and practical ways.

Currently living in Bali with her husband Dane, Libby spends her time sharing her souls mission and message of Purpose, Self-Wealth and Impact with the world.

She’s on a mission to empower 1 million people to make positive, sustainable changes in their lives, families, businesses and communities, knowing that when we do this, together we will heal, together we will rise, and together we will co-create the new earth.

Libby Wallace Robertson