like the sea we ebb we flow we let go


I know what it feels like to just want to let go feel healthy and not feel restricted when it comes to food …
Over the last 8 months I’ve been eating spelt toast and drinking hot cacao (2 foods I didn’t have for nearly 2 years very easily, deep in cellular cleansing). I don’t just eat fruit and vegetables, I do 70-80% of the time and LOVE it, the other 20/30% I eat whatever I want 💕 now whatever I want has changed since clearing out my body temple at the root. I don’t crave the junk I use to, but even this year with letting go and allowing flow with food, my health is still super optimal, vibrant, clear, energized centered and peaceful, Imagine having this kind of foundation set, how supportive and nourishing! I took myself through a process of transition which was so freeing and delicious, and in doing so I cleaned the layers of my body, physical emotional spiritual and mental🔥. This made the healing journey so much more enjoyable and sure, not restrictive or limiting in anyway, a “WAY” of true🌿food and body freedom is possible for us all. Once a foundation is set, then having some hot cacao spelt bread nut or seed butters, even organic crunchy corn crisps, I’ve even had India, and enjoyed every mouthful with total joy, it can be done without setting you back, it’s all about balance- the whole universe is about balance, universal law☯️ once the purifying cleansing and reset has taken place, the divine body awakens👸🏻 It’s not hard it’s not confusing it’s not long it’s not restrictive – it’s much easier than you may think- it’s clear it’s truth it’s liberation, alignment with nature’s rhythms = you feeling aligned, here the body heals, variety is your daily flow, and health FREEDOM is the result🦋 You can find yours too Beauty! we ebb we flow we let go …🍃🍂🍃🍂🌊we are one with nature🌿