Are you resisting the call of the Body?

the body so often comes last
It’s time to put her first
if we’re going to heal her

I resisted the call of my body for years,

until I lost half my head of hair
could barely eat anything
because my gut was so toxic and inflamed
which meant my emotions hormones brain function and focus we’re struggling
and lacking in strength
then a hypothyroid diagnosis

this went on for 2 years

I resisted
so it persisted
and not only that
it got even worse

I started to have panic attacks
I couldn’t cope with stress
I was craving so many sweets salts fats and carbs
I was exhausted, bloated, moody,
all over the place

then autoimmune
then a whole body breakdown!

and this all started because
I resisted the call of my body to heal,
at her first call

the sluggishness
the brain fog
the bloating
the cravings
the emotional ups and downs

See what I found over this wild ride of healing my own body and helping women Worldwide to do the same, is that it doesn’t just go away,
it won’t heal doing what you’re doing
as that would have worked by now,

new results need new direction

Your body calls you to heal through symptoms, the symptoms are not you

you are light
you are free
you are strength
you are courage
you are wellbeing
you are love

you can do it.

they are your body saying “Wake up love, I’m not well, love me more, give me attention, I need you”

She needs you
Like you need her
Team work
Best friends forever

Is your body calling you to heal?

She’s really calling you to your freedom

She’s guiding you back home
to body and life paradise

when you hear her call
and act on it

Are you ready for freedom?

Arianna x