Are you really holding out for scientific data?

Waiting to see what the scientific data says? really? 

your inner knowing is WAY more powerful than any science data … TRUST IT … trust within 

this is a prime example of giving away power, putting one’s well-being happiness health on hold to get back a yes from out there…

it really is bullshit nonsense waiting for science data on this health thing, if science was true, we would be on a planet where ill-health dis-ease did not show up, but it does 

So let’s question that;

  • all the medication, but still ill-health
  • all the surgeries, but still ill-health 
  • all the scientific studies on nutrition, but still ill-health
  • all the supplement breakthroughs, but still ill-health 

question it. I no longer just let things pass me by, settling for Ok, cause that doctor said that, or that scientific paper said that, no

I chose to do into my body and do the real healing work, purify, clean regenerate, detox cell deep, live it breathe it EMBODY it

you’ve got to ask yourself; why do I believe a science paper over a real living human soul embodying the truth of true health?

science is sucking that power that life force out of you, feeding off your energy your soul your pineal gland

When do you stop this? 

You are in charge! 

Reclaim your power 

and live true to you Beautiful

I stand in reverence to this sacred earth, to the plants and their medicine, to my ancestors that used herbs and plants to HEAL ALL

plants HEAL ALL – when understood and used in proven protocol – like The Body Awakening Reset method, we can heal anything, a few things being:

  • avoid weight-loss surgery (do it naturally)
  • avoid hysterectomy (keep your holy womb)
  • get off ALL medication (bin the acid)
  • lose weight and kept it all (set yourself free)
  • heal endometriosis (reclaim your power center)
  • heal hypothyroidism (speak your truth)
  • reset autoimmunity (feel at peace in your being)
  • eliminate all brain fog messy head (oh so clear now)
  • cleanse negative thinking (awaken positivity)
  • wash away all body pain (relaxed in your body)
  • heal skin imbalances (glow & sparkle)
  • rid exhaustion adrenal fatigue sluggishness (active boundless energy & creation)
  • end all food cravings (reclaim your emotional balance)
  • unshackle all addictions (be free & thrive)

Anything is possible when you get real with what’s in front of you, trust, believe, know you are capable of anything, stop waiting for scientific data/permission from someone else to be happy and healthy 

Reclaim all power now Goddess. 

Living into the status quo of nonsense bullshit gets no one anywhere. choose your bliss your joy your peace your happiness your FREEDOM 

stand firm in your inner knowing. 

speak up. 

show life what you’re made of, and it’ll show you back, pure powerful potent LOVE. 

Do I hear a resounding YES to YOU?

Ready to find out how our Bespoke Body Awakening Reset program can support you to get the lasting weight loss clarity Health certainty true freedom you want and can have?

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PS. If I’d waited for science I’d still be bloody sick and tired and spinning, on the fad diets that don’t work, taking supplements that don’t work, and living totally disconnected from my soul. stressed anxious heavy unclear fatigued craving sugar caffeine. Don’t wait. Follow within. I FOLLOWED WITHIN. Now I live truly free in my body-mind-soul. So can you.