Freedom to trust this body and live a life that feels effortless and alive. A chapter of my life that taught me so much,

17 years old I went to the doctors struggling with an eating disorder, this moment in my life changed everything,

it taught me to listen to my body,
to trust her voice.

I was offered paracetamol,
my body said uhn-uhn (I have a sacral authority human design)-body wisdom is so rich and

liberating, when we listen. This situation taught me to never ignore her again, but I did, and paid the price of losing half my
head of hair, losing the function of my digestive system, hormonal chaos, body pain, thyroid issues to autoimmune, so much stress that held me back,

when I knew I could be more, do more, play more, love more, laugh more, create more, heal


Just another sacred initiation given to a women who chose it to overcome it to rise above it, and realize her power, a choice.
I have such deep respect for Arianna at 17, she showed me my truth, the power to choose, and the wisdom of this sacred feminine body, her voice of freedom, to listen within, and not be distracted with outside noise and dramas.

This made me understand the sacred responsibility I have to listen to my body, and why this is a
huge part of the work I do in the world,
Supporting other women in a safe gentle loving nurturing liberating space to remember the
voice of their body,

Body wisdom that holds great freedom, to remember true health true bliss true authenticity in
this feminine body.

What’s your body saying right now?