Are you listening to your👙🧠🌱🤍

Body liver gut hormones heart?

What have you been putting in your body?


🥩Animal foods


You will absolutely feel like shit Beauty, excess weight exhaustion brain fog thyroid anxiety stress lack of clarity frustrated


Because none of this shit is meant for the human body, it’s poison, it creates disharmony, more acid, more dis-ease 

Liver is overloaded, tired unclear 

Hormones are thrown off balance 

Glands get blocked with mucus

Gut becomes a parasites party home 

Kidneys stop filtering, stress increases 

Lymph clogs up, toxins keep circulating 

Medication and vaccinations have never been truth, just an agenda to keep so many sick and spinning in the 3D matrix, giving away power to health agencies that are lying to you, this bothers me!

So many choose to bypass the real work, it’s total ignorance, we can not understand anything UNTIL experienced in the body, until integrated embodied and sustained.

You can rabbit around on the surface, or go to the depths required for true health, where we go with the The Body Awakening Reset Method, beyond✨5D

it’s a frequency, total recalibration of the entire body mind heart, physical mental emotional spiritual energetic RESET

here true freedom is reclaimed 

Goddess power is remembered 

and true health is understood 

Until the nutrition piece and physical cellular clearing is done, nothing is even getting into those cell that are coated in so much gunk, true healing starts HERE

past present medication and vaccination intake, acidic eating of decades, it’s all being stored inside your cells, until it’s cleaned out

This level of healing RESET’S everything, it brings the body on all levels back to harmony, back to truth, all veils drop

pH shift to alkaline with plant foods 

frequency upgrade with cellular detox 

TOTAL life body mind regeneration!

Now is the time, learn to say NO. 

It’s your life powerful woman, live through your higher self, not lower programming

choose the HEART

choose your ultimate VISION

choose JOY

settling in anyway ends

IT’S all-in-on YOU

give yourself permission 

to TRULY BE ALIVE in your body

your radiance is powerful❤️