Are Stimulants stopping the body healing?

We can heal it all, you have the power to change what is going on in your body right now,

still so many continue to say eating certain stimulating foods is good for us,

I’ve found this to be false on my own journey and all women I have supported into vibrant health

Healing the body using stimulants is not healing,

stimulating foods kept me hooked addicted, disconnected from my source unhappy, controlled by external forces
sick and depleted for years!

the food industry makes coffee tea salt sugar grain overload everywhere
alcohol ok, because you can buy it over the counter,
this definitely doesn’t make it ok,

it’s time to take back our power around food and not be a slave to its stimulation any longer

When we heal from a place of purity,
clean and fresh with the vibrant plants
of our sacred earth

we get to feel and experience the
true healing and true regeneration
and see the true anti-aging
that’s available right now

Anyone saying you can still heal whilst filling up on stimulants
is sharing lies

We heal when in alignment with nature
and her scared rhythms

Stimulating food sources as mentioned above:
– Deplete the adrenal glands – leading to burnout stress overwhelm toxicity, and a major cause of all thyroid imbalances
– Destroy our hormone communication – leading to a tough menopause, pms, infertility
– Clog our liver kidneys and lymphatic system – leading to exhaustion bloating weight gain headaches food cravings
– Block digestive flow – increasing acidity and stopping optimal digestive function to absorb nutrients
– Damage our cellular health where life starts and ends

So if you remove these stimulants
ALL these amazing organs above and precious functions within you get to heal,

and you get to thrive energized clear vibrant happy and liberated in your body

locking in the sacred wisdom and new codes of vibrant abundant health happens for us when stimulants are let go off,

I had years of toxic habits patterns behaviors to break, and I did it,
when this happens,
a healthy relationship with nourishing boundaries are implemented to support your journey

After living off stimulants most of my life, to have now given up alcohol, avoid hot spice as much as possible, I don’t drink any caffeine, and very occasionally have a hot cacao or vegan cake

It’s the freest happiest clearest
healthiest and most liberated,
I’ve ever felt!

I spent years wondering how will I ever live without these foods, to find a way that is so deeply liberating and awakening

to be living it
means you can too
we are the same source
If I can do it
You can do it
this is our freedom.

it frees up space
it opens up our heart
it releases excess weight
it energizes the entire body at cell level
it aligns all hormones
it releases old energy which is causing dis-ease
it eliminates all cravings
it opens you up to bliss and freedom

Eating a mucus free lean lifestyle 🍓
Cellular detoxification 💎
Sacred botanicals 🌿
The Inner-work 🌈

I tried to heal for over a decade with stimulants still in my life, and I kept coming back to the same place,

eliminate the stimulates
and we see an inner strength
our sovereignty
our freedom

She’s waiting to return to her natural state of bliss
She’s waiting to come home to her heart
She’s ready to rise

Are you?

Love you!

Arianna x