this morning I went on my morning run into nature and spent some time hugging a tree as I do often, I always feel such a deep connection #guardianoftheearthIam

I was looking at the tree, an old amazing pine tree, it’s bark had so many layers, layer upon layer upon layer, it made me instantly reflect on all the layers I have peeled away over the years, especially over the last 18 months

the emotional layers
the layers of physical symptoms
the layers of limiting beliefs
the old energy layers
the trauma layers
the layers of perfectionism
the layers of fear of listening to my intuition heart and soul
the layers of system and rules
the layers of physical obstruction
the stimulant craving layers
the not feeling layers

If you peeled off a layer of this old pine tree bark you got a clear clean soft texture, underneath the rough bumping imperfections lay a smooth flat perfect surface, there is perfection in every imperfection and nature shows us this

then it landed, this is such a beautiful graceful metaphor for what The Body Awakening method is about,

we peel away the layers to access your true self and in accessing your true self you get to embody her, who you really are under all those layers that mask us
that keep us hiding

We can put a load of labels on everything, but who we really are – all of us
is love is abundance is freedom is happiness is health is peace is free
is alive

More and more drops in daily around my souls mission, as I ask questions everyday on many levels of my being-

I facilitate self-actualisation,
my entire childhood I wondered
who I am, and for years up until about 20 months ago, I really didn’t know who I was because so many layers needed to be peeled away to shed to release – for me to access the Goddess within – our true self

The Body Awakening method I have created has changed my life transformed and healed every symptom I had linger and has fully brought me to my true self within, and has done the same for many other women

It’s been a deep labour of love to continue to transform the mistakes of my past into hope and liberation for the present and future

there is nothing we can’t heal
you can access all of you
you can embody all of you
you can eliminate all dis-ease
by removing the layers
peeling back the layers

we can all live our truest
embodiment and expression,

I found my way through …
Next level plant food medicine
Dry fasting
Kundalini yoga
Crystal healing
Chakra activation
Light body awakening
Recalibration of optimal health (Bioresonance energy device)

The Body Awakening Bali 2020
PM me if you’re interested to find out more.

Arianna xx

PS. Inspiring journey from The Body Awakening Ibiza, wants possible for us all is infinite!💖

“Arianna provides and maintains the safest space that allows you to be free and your true self, no judgment only acceptance of where you’re at in life.
I feel like I’ve shed so many layers of chaos from my body, thyroid symptoms gone, feeling aligned again with who I am and why I’m on this earth.
The confidence I’ve gained in myself through being nurtured and supported by Arianna is immense.
I’ve reconnected with my sensuality and I feel so much more feminine, lighter and clear! Highly recommended!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart💗❤️🧡💛” Alexandra.

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