How To Accept Your Feminine Body, & Embody INNER PEACE & CONFIDENCE

I will never hold back what has absolutely transformed my life if it can help guide another fellow SistAr on her healing path 

So few talks about the truth, of what it REALLY takes to lose that weight keep it off, and rise back into love with your sacred feminine body, to live in peace 

so I am going to be the one that brings it up, as someone who avoided anything deep confronting uncomfortable for most of her life

I learned the hard way, trying to escape through sugar caffeine alcohol junk codependency, to unconsciously punishing myself in the undertaking of the ‘get me out of here so I don’t have to face it 

…you don’t have to do it the hard way when there IS an EASIER WAY…and why I am here sharing this,

The SHAME: it ran my body weight stress business money relationships for over 10 years, 


I was done with repeating cycles habits patterns in my life, I was done with feeling disconnected from my body heart life others, I was done with always attracting relationships that reflected my shame stress self-punishment self-abandonment, I was done with feeling unworthy of my desires of love of happiness, I was done with it holding my purpose and creativity back…

So I did something about it; I faced it, I said fuck it and looked inside myself, I let spirit guide me to the natural medicine I needed — 

I started to REALLY listen, and stopped ignoring the call, I LOOKED IT IN THE lioness’s eye and said, Hey! I can do this! which means Beautiful, SO CAN YOU!

there it was … I started to REMEMBER who I REALLY was in this 3D body … I came home … 

AND, everything changed, I changed, I allowed accepted embraced, and OPENED my heart to change and said- YES, I AM ready now

when we address the shame and be real about what’s possibly hanging out unconsciously, or even consciously and go there (you do NOT have to do it alone lovely!)

— then you have the power to alchemize the shame to INNER PEACE and confidence, you are SO powerful!

Shaming the shame is another trap, see it, it’s ok, to feel it to express it to explore it, you have to if you want to heal it, to let it go and let yourself live fully ALIVE…

…and inner peace births love, and LOVE HEALS ALL.

Your courage to address these old e-motions (energies in motion creating your reality-consciousness) is LIBERATION is absolute FREEDOM for YOU dear SistAr!

Here you get to fully reclaim your grounded embodied sensual feminine woman vibes, Goddess vibes, Royal Queen vibes, High priestess power vibes,

…and fucking OWN your truth of loving and knowing yourself truly and deeply! 

And lose the WEIGHT for good!

And feel inner peace confidence and happiness!

kNOW this is possible. 

I see you SistAr! 

Claim your dreams

Claim your happiness

Claim your freedom


Decide today to give yourself permission to live it now, presence holds profound power to accelerate your dreams here now 

the mind plays games,

the heart kNOWS.

Awaken to your divine body Gorgeous Woman!

Love you!

Arianna Health Goddess❤️