We’ve been physically mentally emotionally spiritually abused by the system that is crumbling,

our children have been tortured, abused raped, a reflection of how we’ve treated our inner child

sent to a box Indoctrinated by absolute bullshit in an educational system that is toxic and
detrimental to our evolution

lied too about the food we eat, pumped full of chemicals that kills this sacred body temple,
Gaia’s terrain and yours are one

feed poison and sickness through pills that are said to heal and help you, and never do
told we need animal foods to survive so our land is destroyed trees chopped down to host cattle
to be killed to eaten and make humanity sicker,

so the system says you need medication, vaccinations, when you don’t, you’ve been lied to
told to wear a mask for an average manmade flu, why not before, it’s an agenda

Do you really think this is normal?
of course not

So how do we shift and rise … we remember the only reason this is all taking place is because
we’ve have been lead away from what’s
MOST important

… the relationship you have with you, with your soul with your heart … with your precious divine
body temple of divine mother love and light

he drama distractions noise will continue,
it's a choice,
opt in for that,
or opt in for health paradise truth and freedom

I am standing for Heaven♾Earth, and that heaven starts inside you, inside a healthy clear
purified body that has been cleansed detoxed nourished and remembered at her core
Feel the absolute possibility in every cell of your being, right here right now, feel your TRUTH,
feel your HEART, remember your magic …

I love you♥️