Too much protein, I realized after years of thinking this was it, that protein was actually a huge problem for my health.

High protein eating was drummed into me since a kid and then through my 4 years of nutrition studies, build muscle be strong BS

Truth is shown in the state of health on our planet today, we have mass obesity heart cancer infertility and hormonal dis-ease

…now this is down to a number of things:

1. To much acidic food

2. Rarely, or never detoxing (cellular level)

3. The push of animal proteins and fats 

4. Mass poisoning of our water and food supplies 

5. Medication & synthetic supplement toxicity

6. Radiation poisoning (actually frequency dis-ease, causing mass disharmony (an alkaline body can protect you from these harmful affects blasting our planet)

our body doesnโ€™t need protein it needs what protein is made of, amino acids, these can be found in ABUNDANCE in all plant foods fruits veggies nuts seeds mucus lean grains algaeโ€™s herbs 

Eating high protein lead me to further inflammation digestive upset weight fluctuations hormonal disturbances anxiety stress cravings exhaustion 

… my body got so acidic I then had parasite infections mucus overload and felt totally disconnected from my body, I felt stuck 

animal protein goes through a process in the body of breaking down to toxic chemicals that lead to kidney and liver disharmony 

I gave up all animal protein then went onto coconut and pea protein powders adding to my smoothies, this was not necessary, 

Itโ€™s so ridiculous when we come to understand what protein is, itโ€™s never been about protein or fat or carbs, itโ€™s about the pH of that food that transforms our health 

THIS was my defining moment on protein, eating animal products does not heal this body, they are all acidic, if we crave them like I use to, itโ€™s cause our body is acidic

we feed the state of our own inner terrain – acid wants more acid = dis-ease 

alkaline wants more alkaline = health 

protein does not heal this body, truly cleaning her purifying her and then nourishing her with 70/80% alkaline foods does 

Protein is a big problem.

The sooner we all honour this truth, let old ways go, de-acid de-mucus the body, the sooner all heal and embody next level true health and freedom on all levels

Honestly. How can eating a cooked dead animal in oil with salt (the deadly carcinogenic comb) be better than fresh sweet fruit, alive veggies, sacred seeds, nourishing nuts, cleansing juices … itโ€™s all been programming. 

See truth was shown to me, a truly clean body, at a cellular level of regeneration, changes everything

Health-eating-living in this body becomes easy fresh, no struggle, no pain, cause your true home is CLEAN, if your house is dirty cluttered how do you feel? exactly? same in your body

Stop thinking itโ€™s all about I need to add more in, NO, first get that decades worth of shit out of the gut liver kidneys lymphatic system โ€” 

THEN start:

rebuilding rejuvenating regenerating, 

HERE is the real RESET 


Nutrition becomes effortless

Health becomes effortless

Your ideal weight is embodied easily

Energy is boundless

Mindfulness awakens

Awareness comes online

Peaceful is who we become 

The heart opens, love radiates

You remember the truth

Of bliss happiness and joy

Now is the time to get really savvy with our health with nutrition, no longer stuck in old ways old paradigms, now is the time of all times of raising the frequency in your body

Breath in that strength. 

and, Awaken to your divine body.

love & warmth,

Arianna โค๏ธ

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