A clear way through to a VIBRANT HEALTHY body🌱🔥🍉

Here’s what I found out, the inner-work that you’re avoiding is the inner work that will transform everything

Firstly though, it does make me laugh how resistant people are to looking at these things, ignoring it, when it could be the ticket out of suffering to freedom 

What you resist will persist Beauty! Catch it now!

Trying to move forward, change transform heal with decades of gunk inside you .., hmmm? it’s sticky hard exhausting and feels like nothings happening

I’ve just dived into a deep cellular detox/fast, and on day 4 my body is already alkalizing even deeper and riding more gunk (parasite and watermelon)

…even after 3 years of deep purification, even after eating super clean for years, even after already clearing SO much, there’s more!

there’s always more, just depends how much of the true Self you want to experience – 

how much flow peace happiness clarity within you want? how powerful you want to make your experience, this sacred life?

when you understanding that the only thing In-between your vision dreams heart’s desires, is the acidic gunk inside you … you shift, you anchor down, you take action no matter what

this is the POWERHOUSE woman!

so why fear doing this work? the fear doubts voices all come up, cause it’s a totally other frequency you’re inviting in, it’s a whole other level of living being expressing creating

which is so exciting!

…but the programs want to keep us with our safety blanket, when powerful woman like us

KNOW WE ARE SAFE to let go of the weight exhaustion old emotions beliefs fear trauma, and move forward now

choosing more, the next level, she’s waiting for you to say YES!

peace joy ease freedom lightness of being is simply your natural state of being, but when the body has toxins, at cell level, throwing off the bodies pH, creating acidic terrain, you live in a poisoned garden

AND, you can heal that inner garden, you wouldn’t let the weeds take over your garden, so why would you let that happen inside your body temple? 

clear the inner-weeds, 

clear the way 

When did you last clean your body cell deep?❤️