I was on the beach today close to my apartment, lying there on my weekend LDF feeling how incredible it feels to be living in a clean body unattached to food and embracing the space within me,

after so many years of abusing my body with mucus forming acidic foods and an unhealthy relationship to my body and food,

It’s the biggest liberation to heal this!

AND it’s available for us all.

AND it’s time now.

I wondered for years how was I ever going to love myself again, how I was ever going to reset my unhealthy food habits, how was I ever going to heal my body and
live happy
feel happy
be happy
from the inside

Happiness is something I found in food, but it wasn’t real happiness, it left me disconnected from myself,
the acidic food ended up controlling me and my body, and I ended up so sick

theres always a deeper emotional story to our body and health fears, and there’s always a way out of them, our innate state is to thrive and feel connected and at peace inside our body and in our life

I tried everything
I tried every diet
I tried what I felt like was every supplement
I tried lots of detoxes
I tried loads of alternative therapies

I didn’t stop
Because deep down
I knew that living healthy and happy
was real in my heart,
we haven’t been bought to struggle or suffer, but to thrive and live life fully and confidently in a body we connect with

Everything finally became deeply clear about 2 years ago, when I embarked on a new journey, a cellular detox journey

and I found the answers and results I had been looking for, for well over a decade

totally against the rules of nutrition and conditioning of what we’ve been told we ‘should’ and ‘need to eat’
it goes totally against all the theories out there around metabolism hormones protein, and building the body back to vitality and strength

V = P – O (Vitality = Power – Obstruction)

All I have to do is
keep my body clean
free from acidic foods
mucus foods
toxins, and give my body what she desires from a place of clean cleansed and de-toxed

from here I saw all my physical symptoms go, my emotional body heal itself, and quantum healing take place,

and the feelings which I knew where real, but hadn’t had full reference too, the happiness the vibrancy the joy the bliss the freedom the peace in my body and mind the living in my heart, not my head

I found on this journey too …

through cleaning the body
this human home
means the body can function at its highest with nothing in its way

Food is a delicious cleaning tool we have been so gratefully given by our earth

Our healthy thyroid makes the highest choices around food, when we heal the root cause of toxicity

How do you see food in your life?
How is your relationship with food?
What supports you to make the highest choices for yourself around food?


Arianna x