🌸THAT Weight-Loss can be maintained, THAT medication can be rid! TRUTHS IN👙🌷👠

On a Body Awakening client session this week, I was listening to my client who has now been on her BAR program for 3 months, 

a changed woman, to witness another soul SistAr rise, magic, when she says; “I use to look in the mirror and see a stranger there, I hated myself, now I can see myself, I love myself, I’m happy, I’m even taking photos of myself now, I never did that!”

me smiling so much, so proud of you courageous women out there taking action at this time on our precious planet, magic happens when we honor the call, and stop waiting

.you are born ready baby, lean in, embrace it.

one thing I never did, well maybe 1-2 x cause I let fear eat me, but never again, is wait till I felt ready, cause exactly that, we’re born ready, ready to take action on the call in the now, the only real thing ever is the NOW 

waiting for some future thing

or hanging off the past

is simply, just boring now

let’s be her now love

So, Vanessa went from…

self-hate to self-love

years on anti-depressants (mal diagnosis mal treated) to total liberation & off all medication

HRT to no HRT & no menopausal symptoms in less than 8 weeks

size 16 to size 12, 2 stone lighter!

so stressed to totally calm & at peace in herself

workaholic more masculine energy to more trusted surrendered feminine flow, balancing the inner mas/fem energies, where the magic happens!

In just 3 months … total RESET 

What’s possible for one woman is possible for another, the only thing is action, trust, belief, you KNOW you can, go forth fearlessly, follow your destiny dear, commitment changes everything to radiant positivity, you can do it!!

as one sister shines, she gives another sister permission to shine, we’re all here lifting each other up to living our best most alive free positive beautiful life

And why we call it The Body Awakening Reset method …

what made this possible for Vanessa was firstly her courage to listen to her body, and then taking action and book a complimentary Body Breakthrough Call (link in bio)

when woman come together, holding a pure loving safe space = LIBERATION 

You can make it happen❤️

Determination, certainty, commitment, anchor these energies, you can accomplish anything in your life!!


My energy is absolutely determined 

My energy is absolutely certain

My energy is absolutely committed

Now you can 

choose to

act from

that space 

Within you


Love & warmth,