When I realised meat was a massive issue for my hormone health, I finally got myself off that stimulant addiction, it puts the body under pressure stress anxiety cravings emotionally ups and downs and energy imbalances

yet all you hear is eat more protein 

and you’ll be fine, shit 

starving the body of natural sugars leads to dis-ease, emotional chaos hormone imbalances low energy cravings and low moods 

Burning protein for energy is not what wewant, it leads to acidosis ketosis and puts the body into a toxic place where gut health breaksdown

Gut is life – we are 95%+ bacteria cells

no gut health no health – it’s everything

gut health = hormone health = adrenal health = mental & emotional Health = Confident Health

Meat is a problem because it holds all the animals steroid hormones that create adrenal stimulation in the human body and further hormone imbalance

over the next 20 years the human body will start to reject meat and salt as we return more into the light body and ascend to a higher frequency✨ 

Why when you stop eating it you temporarily get low energy, it’s a sign your adrenals are doing some work to restore rebalance reset rejuvenate 

to have healthy happy harmonised hormones for radiant glowing health a toned fit body energy confidence and clarity that feels sooooo good!

the body needs plenty of raw fruits and veggies and the root cause must be addressed🌿

If you would like support just reach out privately, we have Body Awakening programs to support it all, you can book a free Body Breakthrough call to discuss the process of reclaiming your health fully xx so much love Beauty!