As an advocate of natural health for my fellow humans for many years now, I am NOT one to
follow the rules books education system sheep BS or misinformation infecting our society

I always knew I could achieve a healthy confident fit happy body, EVEN though I was
chronically unhealthy and riddled with dis-ease, I knew I had to commit, I knew doctors and
medication was not the way and not my truth
and I knew if I didn’t make my health a priority, Health wouldn’t show up for me, I had to show
up for me, take responsibility for my well-being

I found out a healthy fit happy confident body
is 95% down to nutrition
As soon as I got my nutrition foundation sorted, alkalized my body, cleaned cleared purified
detoxed this temple of freedom, my body took to shape itself effortlessly
health birthed through me as me
I Am Health, affirm what you want…

Be clear, and ground into it …

I know this isn’t just the case for me, and possible for you too, the magic elixir is the food we eat
daily and how we clean this body and keep it clean (foundation & maintenance is key��)

As alkaline��dominant✨creatures, when we return to our natural state internally, the externa
form will craft health tone get fit easily, no stress

Can you imagine how LIBERATING this is
to be able to eat your way to a healthy sensual feminine Goddess temple that feels so effortless
light confident and free?
… this is what’s possible, Heaven on Earth!

Yep, it’s real, and it starts inside YOU��
we are limitless beings of infinite potential and this body is the ride home to remembering your
innate state of joy bliss peace freedom health enthusiasm energy balance, and your TRUTH

Dive into you Beauty, get intimate with you, you are a rare��diamond, multifaceted with th
ability to craft your artwork that is your sensual body of love health happiness and calm

Embrace it all. Centre in your knowing.

Joy Ease Liberation Health
is the truth in this body!

Love you!
To Freedom