Beautiful, If you are drawn to my work my vibe, but you don’t know why, I want to share some sacred knowing with you, you are a queen a high priestess, walking the path home to God-Goddess

that body discomfort body shame food chaos addictions fear of visibility and lack of appreciation for yourself, it’s guiding you HOME! to who you REALLY are-I know it’s been exhausting painful tough Sister, I walk it with you

As I enter the gateway of day 9/30 of this fruit and herb fast, I feel a deep knowing of what IS, what is birthing through us right now, a remembrance of our Wholyness🌹

the key that unlocks this deep longing to feel at ease in your body to feel love for yourself to respect and appreciate who you are, to LET GO of the suppression and numbing (somewhere I lived for many-a years)

UNTIL … I remembered, the art of cellular purification to LIBERATE …

the power of THIS👆🏻to move from body discomfort, hate even-TO body comfort, love:

👙ALL addictions blocks wounds are cleared through your cellular body, through gut healing

🫐alkaline Mucus free-lean foods clear the way to see & embody your true Self

🕉fasting is an ancient Egyptian art-all this work is, you learnt in the temples (feel this in your womb SistAr)

☕️🍋the numbing disconnect ends here, as you set yourself free to KNOW thyself as you shift your body from acid to alkaline 

❄️You’re made of at least 70% water, it holds memory (water & spirit) here you heal the water you are made of-TRUTH prevails! 

Know your body IS your pathway to your highest vision, activate it through activating your temple body

YOU are the keeper of the key to your FREEDOM – Are you ready to unlock her from the shackles now and live life fully?

You hold the power to make change, to soar above it all, REMEMBER, truth is bliss ecstasy self-love-care-respect-acceptance

this is ignited in your cells once cleared of the toxins, the numbing is OVER, your time is NOW, women of the Womb, keeper of the Earth, sacred Sister … let go and let live!

I got you!

Be with your❤️

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