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Beauty! 11 days into it … what do you believe is truly possible in this body temple? how much you can let go of? how much space can you create WITHIN to receive? what is surrendering to the process, really? …are you allowing it?

I always use to think, ‘yeah I eat in moderation’-that old chestnut, ‘I have a balanced diet’, thinking eating a bit of everything that meant – SO FAR FROM TRUTH

Since my last month fast, I get to really feel and see how much I have healed and let go of!!! it’s exciting, the growth, to see what you’re really capable of when you say YES to YOU, and TRUST your SOULprocess 

A body full of parasites acid and mucus back then, cravings so strong, off balance, emotional, out of body feeling, disconnected from my true Self…seeking, that longing to be home, to love … I found it on this journey! search over!

Clear the way-is the way of LIBERATION, the freedom you were BORN-to, unchained, embodiment of your EXALTED power lives here, the enlightened harmonised Self awakens and rises … ITS YOU LOVELY ONE!

Imagine the effortless letting go of unhealthy habits addictions body shame pain fear weight the exhaustion the low self-esteem the brain fog, and years of toxic medication — feel what this will DO FOR YOU! dissolve those chains, release YOURSELF to live the life YOU want

Reclaim that Goddess strength here now, give yourself permission to HAVE it all- YOU CAN!

When I got this: food is simply chemistry, energy, so are emotions, so when you transform this, the acid/alkaline balance inside your cells, you transform, you LIVE truth

You can accomplish anything here.

You’re in charge dear one.

…take the reigns, claim that throne within your open ROSE heart.

Decide, with absolute CONVICTION, you are done with just feeling kinda ok, hmm yeah…really? no more.

What do you HONESTLY choose in this body Spring darling? 

ACTIVATE her, FEEL your centre, KNOW what you feel is real, YOU are nature – NATURE is TRUTH

Feel your body saying YES TO LIFE💛

🌼Spring Cleanse BodyBlossOM Bespoke 1on1 program, Application Open🌹DM me for detailsx