Sweet one, Do you remember that fearless innocent whole little girl, who loved life, loved herself and loved to play? 

I was walking through the olive groves yesterday in the afternoon solar rays, and I felt her pitapata within my heart, she hasn’t gone anywhere, she’s been in you ALL along 

We can be mature and responsible, and still have fun play be silly wild sexual and fearless … it’s all about balance, which means the body has to be in-balance, pH, acid/alkaline

Right now this remembrance of that childlike spirit that essence of the holyLOVEchild within us all is ready to be ignited – lived once more 

What would be different if you just went for it fearlessly, just didn’t think about everything so much and followed your heart soul knowing gut?

What would you feel within if you KNEW and owned it now that you are already WHOLE complete pure divine love?

What would be different if you were honest and present with how you felt in your body right now?

If you truly deeply loved how you felt in your body, what sweet words are you saying to you?

What about feeling that playfulness? Do you?

I remember spring as a little girl running the Devon fields, rolling about in the flowers, making mud soup in my treehouse, talking with the animals …

I lost her for a while, but I found her again, under all the stress cravings addictions shame pain stimulants numbing, I cleared the way, and there she was, ready to fearlessly take on this beautiful life, ready to embrace her innocence her wholeness her self-love, and her love of life!

What would truly deeply loving yourself your-body look like?

You are ABSOLUTELY free!

You are ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!


feel that FREEDOM again!

As we set our inner girl free, we set all children free, it starts in YOU, waiting, that’s over, OWN it dear heart

run wild through those wildflowers Goddess🌷

BE you💛

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DM me for more details Beauty💐

30Day Spring Cleanse Journey(day9) the path HOME to who you REALLY are. Let the addictions shame pain GO through cellular PURIFICATION

30Day Spring Cleanse Journey(day11) BALANCE, it’s not what you think, IT’S an acid/alkaline thing