Beautiful woman, it’s such a taboo, real nutrition, how to feed this body for true Vibrant health?

Do you worry about what to eat? do you feel inside somethings not quite aligned to truth? do you FEEL something deep within telling you it’s meant to be much simpler than all that blah. you’re right. simplicity is truth. yep love!

So it’s day 4 on just fruit and herbs, and I have my period, feeling uplifted, joyful, motivated, creative, happy, a little tired but not bothered about that, my bodies healing, which is perfect! #trustyourbodyknows

…the last long fruit fast of 35 days I did, the woman I started out as – was not the woman I ended as; change is safe, the unknown is safe, to be afraid is ok, but NEVER let it stop you!

I spent all my life wondering about food, I thought I ate healthy, until 3 years ago I realized I had been caught up in the food conditioning of childhood and society .. you need this you need that, oh you can’t do that, be careful that sounds dangerous 🥱😴what’s dangerous is living with a load of toxicity inside us!! NOT eating fruit. 

Be brave. THIS is the way home, to feeling the peace you crave to feel, and you CAN love.

How is it you can feel SUPER aliveness freedom clarity bliss joy confidence LIBERATION eating fruit, but foggy sluggish craving depressed stressed emotional – 

eating vegan or vegetarian or paleo or keto or whatever food thing you’re riding right now .. feel this one🦄

🌿Once I cleared the way

🍋Once I alkalized the body cell deep

🔥Once I got out of my own way

⭐️Once I committed to myself (WATCH today’s Spring Cleanse 3 on IGTV for more support here!)

🫐Fruit clears the way

🍐Fruit is your most POWERFUL cleanser

🍑Fruit detoxes the past the pain the fears

🍋Fruit awakens healthy hormones

🥭Fruit brings clarity to your mind

🍉Fruit clears old emotions

🥝Fruit has what the body needs to heal

🍇Fruit SUGAR is an AMAZING healer for ALL


2 things I overcome:

🧘🏻‍♀️trusting myself

🧘🏻‍♀️committing to myself,

…and it’s this journey

 with fruit eating and mucus free/lean that has been the teacher, this body has been the teacher, to trust in a different way, to trust I am safe to do it my way, to trust I can commit to myself and I can accomplish the results I want for myself

there is always a WAY⭐️

Ride your wave home, LISTEN to the voice within you, not the ego and it’s fear stories, but the heart and it’s way of liberation through self-LOVE and self-honouring

Holding space for you!💛

Stay connected✨🦄

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