Happy Easter Beautiful🐣

Fasting has totally restored my body, transformed how I live, allowed me to overcome so many habits, patterns, blocks addictions, it’s taught me to surrender to let go, that I AM safe to do so, every time it’s a homecoming … to peace love bliss harmony 

Last night I said yes to myself -to a 36hr dry fast, so I’ll be high off life living nature singing dancing breathing moving resting writing today, dry fasting always reminds me the beauty the art of living well, slowing down, how we can be so sucked into food flavours tastes, habits, what others are doing around us – 

Look, I LOVE FOOD, but it’s about balance, my journey in this body of love has taught me that it’s not about moderation, it’s not about fad diets it’s not about hard, but it’s about self-respect self-love self-care, it’s about doing the things that stretch you inside to remember

Beauty, how do you feel about dry fasting? I know when I first began 3 years ago it brought up so much for me; I’m going to starve, I’ll be so weak, I can’t do that, how can I not eat or drink for a whole day or more, I won’t have any energy to do anything! Well love, it surprised me big time!

I didn’t starve funnily enough, those things we call hunger pangs are so rarely that, it’s the body in detox, but it feels uncomfortable so we put food in and it switches detox off, you thought you were hungry, not so, Yes sure some weakness can surface, but that’s simply the body healing itself, it’ll pass, no problem, just an opportunity, you must allow this to truly heal the cellular body, rest is safe, to stop-do-nothing is safe, we become so attached to our routines food times what we ‘think’ we need to function, so much programming, 99% a lie, I have more energy clarity joy peace flowing through my body when I fast, work that one out😉health happiness peace creativity arises from a clean body🌿

Dry fasting is a practise I live by now, it’s become a part of who I am, I see and feel it’s freedom, I see how it can support this body to thrive to heal to live life fully and LOVE life, here as the body is truly cleaned purified reset full Goddess power awakens again, your energy soul fragments all come back to you and you remember your strength, who you really are, an unstoppable invincible powerhouse women that KNOWS her truth and stands firm in that knowing


I am with you!

By your side!

Trust yourself

Trust your heart

Follow that inner compass

Only YOU can say YES to you!


Love & Magic 

Health Goddess A❤️A

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