BodyBlossOM Journey (day1)


Beautiful, Ready for VIBRANCY balance & body peace?

Today I woke up, knowing it was time, time for what?  for a Spring cleanse, so I’ve chosen to embark on a deep 30 day Spring Body BlossOM cleanse

Really? body(soul) says YES, so I say yes too, ego freaking out, totally, not listening to it, following the truth

even though I say deep, it’s actually gentle, but so powerful🌷true Feminine Rising Beauty!👙

I know what it’s like when all you want to feel is healthy, energised, confident in your body, to know what to eat, how to cleanse, and it be easy, instead of frustrating and unclear, so you can finally say “Yes, I did it, I feel amazing” AND see it last!

Clearing the way is the foundation to HEALTH. It simply can not happen before that, and can’t SUSTAIN without it.

Day 1, what am I up too …

🍋Lemon enema done

🕉Dry fasting

🌳Walking in nature, barefeet on the Mother

🧘🏻‍♀️Kundalini Practise for confidence courage & core strength

🥭Eating/Drinking 100% raw mucus free organic fruits to cleanse and cellular hydrate 

🌿Taking specific herbal elixirs for added support nourishment and regeneration 

✍🏻Working on projects I love💞

🐱Loving on freedy my cat, so peaceful! (the ultimate inspiration of self-care)


I’ll be sharing the whole journey here with you, the highs lows emotions freedom depth tears lightness joy glow flow love liberation! 

Welcome it all, this is Being human.

Let’s embrace this JOYOUS LIFE!

I’m here to INSPIRE you, to let you see what’s REALLY truly possible in your body temple.

Join in, or just join me for the ride and get inspired love, share your questions, insights, put a 💛 below if you’re coming on this wild ride of LIBERATION, playtime!

A few jiggles in my belly, commitment, it’s the only way we can get real results, and it’s all to do with YOUR digestive system! What you do or don’t, absorb assimilate eliminate? 

I want to show you how uplifting nourishing and empowering it is to cleanse this body, and commit to YOU!  

I got you!❤️

Day 2, what am I up too ?..


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