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– This is my personal plant food healing process that has taken me over 10 years to master, and every 3 months I update and upgrade it in order to be healing at the highest level and giving the body what she needs as she evolves

– I use this process to reset my hormones, confidence, energy, focus, creativity, weight, whole-body!

– It’s a powerful plant food process, that if followed day to day with all the details has the potency to reverse ageing and rejuvenetate the body back to its healthiest most vibrant alive state, healing your inner world and postively impacting your outer world and our planet.

– You can’t overuse this planner, it can even be your new lifetsyle if you love it and feel the benefits, trust your body and what she needs

– Plant food is conscious so it can hear your thoughts, always think positive thoughts around the plants, give them love and respect and they’ll heal you even quicker 🙂

– The way this planner wont work for you, is if you don’t follow my day to day guidance and you are saying “This won’t work for me”

– This works when you have an open mind and a willing heart to prepare for the miracles that these plant foods have for you. So it’s important you trust the process.

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your food planner.

Here is your Plant Food Planner and lots of my Body Awakening recipes, and some extra bonus tips to support your Body Awakening journey, have fun, embrace it love! smile

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