During this time of such fear stress and anxiety on our planet, dear precious souls I wanted to share a story of inspiration, healing and connection with you …

A clients journey to inspire you ❤️

Claire came to me a size 16 not happy with her weight, had been diagnosed with Endometriosis and told she would need a Hysterectomy, she had daily back pain and exhaustion, and in less than 3 months she was a size 10, her endometriosis symptoms had all healed, she was able to say NO to surgery, and live pain free and energized in her body.

Over to Claire ❤️

“Before starting my programme with Arianna life was hard, I could barely leave the house due to severe stomach cramps, back ache, heavy painful periods, headaches most days, weight gain which was out of control, no sleep and feeling exhausted everyday.

I was offered the pill and a hysterectomy which I was lead to believe would help me.

After talking to Arianna, I realised I didn’t have to suffer anymore if I just followed the programme step by step which she set for me.

I have now lost over 2 and a half stone which is amazing!, gone from a size 16 to a 10, painful periods have gone, no stomach cramps or headaches, refused surgery as I didn’t need it and knew it wasn’t the solution after talking with Arianna,
I have now stopped buying painkillers, and can actually enjoy life without worrying.

I feel very proud to have learnt so much from her, she has not just given me my life back, but she has also given my son his mum back.”

Claire, UK.

Together we worked with The Body Awakening Reset Method which I created from a near decade of research trials testing and now proven results,
it breaks down into 4 steps;
1. Quantum Plant-Based Nutrition which includes cleansing and detoxing
2. Regeneration
3. Embodiment
4. Awakening, with these same steps women have shed 4 stone in 8 weeks, come off 17 years of thyroid medication in 6 months, healed exhaustion brain fog lack of confidence in less than 8 weeks, rid toxic cravings and food habits in 14 days, and so much more.

If you are also looking for results like Claire, you can message me privately and let me know a little about what’s going on for you so I can see If we can help you,

If Claire can do it
If I can do it
If many other women I have worked with can do it,
You can do it too,

No matter how much you’ve tried
No matter what you’ve been told
It’s not your fault,
there is always a solution.

If you are interested to find out more about how The Body Awakening Reset Method can help you send me a private message today.

Speak soon!

Arianna x

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