Beauty, are you feeling? 






In the dark

Love you are not alone, I was there for years, in and out, mostly in it, digestive discomfort, liver toxicity, emotional eating, even when I was eating what I thought was healthy for my body, energy levels were never stable, upon waking that groggy feeling started the day, needing that caffeine and sugar pick-me-up, mid-morning and mid-afternoon slumps, hormones were screaming, showing me weight moods skin stuff cravings, a heaviness in the body, a foggy unclear head that lead to frustration and stress, 

Can you relate to any of this?

All I wished for, was to find a solution that really worked for me, I didn’t care if it was different or unusual, I was willing to do anything to get out of that pain

I had to understand how this body functioned, cell deep

I had to yes, do it differently,

I had to have an open mind, to shift my mindset about food and the body

I had to open my heart as my compass

I had to ditch most of what I thought and was taught about nutrition

I had to bin what I thought was detox, and reset to truth

I had to trust the voice of my body, and take care of her

I stopped following the rules,

which ignited a full home-coming back to 

blissful awakened health, body mind soul,

I felt free for the first ever in my life,

this was 3.5 years ago, 

embodiment landed, 

peeled away the old, 

I had to let go of old ways…

we all have to remember that we are safe

to let go, I’m still learning everyday, 

we are the courageous avatars 

leading the way of the holy light 

the way of peace on our precious Earth 

And why I’m so excited to share an opportunity to experience this 

Journey of purification, a 10 day high-touch group space of Body Liberation, a total reframe reset awakening to true Self-love

as we let the mind quieten, 

power returns, 

YOU drop deeper into your truth, 

in your body – feel this truth.

why does health so often get put to last,

when it’s the most important part of life, 

living fully alive doesn’t happen without it

Health brings more ease to living, 


Private message me ‘PURIFY’ for more details❤️