Looks like the deeper truths are continuing, there’s more …

Throughout my childhood and into adult life, I hated asking for help, because it made me feel weak, like if I couldn’t do it myself then I’m a failure I’m weak and people will think I’m stupid because I can’t work it out myself and I’ll be judged –

this left me exhausted, depleted, searching, fearful, unsure, in the dark, struggling, worrying, how?

I remember my dad saying “only athletes have a coach, why do you need one”

I’ve learnt they’ll always be people who don’t see what you see, feel what you feel, hear what you hear

AND why it can’t be anyone else’s decision but yours, because only YOU know what you need and feel inside your body,

this was my story up until about 6 years ago, when I finally realized – to ask for help support – guidance was Ok, it was more then Ok, it was liberating, it was necessary to get me to where I wanted to get,
with way less stress, because I knew I had someone there who and my back, who I could trust in,

THIS is life-changing, to feel more than enough and have support, it ignited a sense of safety and stability within, a togetherness, breaking the illusion of separation,

We are in this together !!

What if that gentle nudge of your heart was guiding you to more ease, but you keep ignoring it, why? because you think it’ll just work itself out,
yep I thought this too, and found out it doesn’t
Unless we take action we haven’t taken before,

There’s experts for a reason, and it feels so good to hand over your doubts and fears to an expert, who can shed their light and love on it all, giving you that reassurance and real insight into a clear path through

Today’s loving💕reminder : you are never alone on this journey, you get to have as much support as you’ll give yourself permission to have and receive.