It’s through a regenerated liver and unblocked colon💩

The 35lbs of excess weight I once carried hide so much of me, I was using the weight to protect me from being seen, to try to feel safe in my feminine body, to not attract attention

Unaware my hormones were so out of balance and needed major natural support, all the oral contraceptive pills past vaccines acidic food toxicity I was carrying in that excess fat, making me feel sluggish 

I craved sugar caffeine and carbs everyday, not consciously knowing this was causing so much internal chaos, causing me to gain even more weight, feel exhausted unclear, disconnected from my happiness

I spent a decade trying to work out the diet supplement detox fitness thing alone, before I started studying researching and embodying real lasting change in my body and mind

I had been going around in circles, never really getting that far, yet trying so much, but I kept going

I am so glad I didn’t stop being that seeker of truth, as it was that determination in my heart that led me home to living the most blissful magical free life ever 


this journey of health inquiry has been 20 years now, with qualifications in nutrition detox quantum frequency therapy, awarded 2 years in a row for best women’s health specialist UK, in Vogue, on radio

the greatest truth came from my own real life in-bodied investigation, researching by physically doing it in my body, to know truth

trust, and do it.

one of my major breakthroughs was this

the LIVER breakthrough = 

your BODY breakthrough

note🌿Liver flushing is NOT ever meant to be done with oil, we clean the liver with raw fruits and herbs, cellular regenerative processes that are included in our TBAR Method, the colon must also be addressed for lasting results, see incredible results with your hormones lasting weight loss energy clarity and mood

You can get the results you desire, but doing it how’s it’s always been done, has to end, a different way is the way now, or continue spinning in circles and feeling urgh

I would love to show you Beautiful if you are ready for support on your healing journey. 

Love sprinkles✨