It took me to my mid thirties to understand what taking care of myself really meant 

After 2 decades of self-abuse through eating horrendously, then so called healthy, to drinking way too much alcohol, to taking so many synthetic supplements trying to heal myself

my body was ooozing acid cell deep

I was then guided back to the way of self-love, back to learning how to take care of myself

for my journey meant I had to get all the toxicity out of my body to be able to clear the way, to be able to get out of my own way, to be able to live true to my-soul-self

the escaping hiding suppressing with food alcohol and caffeine ended, and finally I was bought home to truth in this sexual sensual vibrant body temple 

I started to eat to detox

I started to clean cell deep

I started to relax within 

I started to honour my body 

I started to truly love myself 

I started to put myself first 

I started to listen 

it all started to make sense, how could I feel clear about my purpose when my body was clogged up?

the 70% water we are made of was filthy, my gut full of decades of backed up toxins that my liver/kidneys/lymph simply could not deal with

It was overload. my body was giving me all the signs, finally I started to listen to her voice. I learnt integrity. 

So, I unloaded all the shit, physical emotional mental … I let it go … I chose to move forward and trust my destiny calling me to paradise peace purpose BLISS

so, I sit in my hammock, on a paradise island in Indonesia, sipping a fresh coconut, wondering, was it all just a bad dream

it was a toxic body, that’s all, cleared within, then paradise reality showed-up as I showed up for the life I wanted to create

heaven on earth is anchored in a clean body, you are the kingdom of heaven👸🏻 

your body is the greatest gateway to the life you truly want to live. getting nutrition in place is the foundation. there’s no avoiding it. cell detox is the process home.

Breath deep.




What are you creating for yourself? now is the time to anchor your joy your vision on Earth!❤️OWN IT!