When we follow SOUL, it can be wild daring unknown, even uncomfortable and scary for a short moment or two

…it often doesn’t seem the logical thing to do, but that’s where so many people get stuck, following left brain logic that seems sensible safe small 

…right brain is way more fun and liberating!

Soul calls us to rise, 

to take actions we’ve maybe never taken,

I’m sat here having dinner with myself here in Bali, drinking a giant whole coconut, ginger shot, picking flowers off the floor for my table and reading ‘TRUMP, the art of the deal’ waiting for my food 

soul is random, soul called me to it, and already I’ve gathered so many nuggets from this wild soul, I love reading a totally random book, that I would have never ‘THOUGHT’ to read

…and here’s the golden ticket, thinking is overrated, feeling and following the whispers of soul, see soul doesn’t shout like the ego, gotta get still slow down, listen within to that call📞

… following soul is where we hold the power to live our wildest dreams in this body temple👙

you KNOW what YOU feel, 

that inner knowing 

that gut feeling

so Beauty, are you listening to that gentle soul nudge within guiding you home to love to freedom to bliss in your body …

What if you followed your soul today, 

and not your mind?

You are so loved,