I’ve been eating a few more plant fats and salt lately, I know if I’ve overdone it, cause I feel like I have a hangover, brain fog, once the body is clean, she really tells you what how much when #bodywisdom #trueintuitiveeating #hormonefreedom 

For so long I missed this key piece to my hormones energy clarity, cause my body had got so use to feeling urgh foggy unclear unfocused, it was normal, and so many make it normal, because they know no different, they’ve got use to it, well I say – don’t make it normal, truth is – super clear energised focused balanced … 

so I was inspired to mono-eat just fresh dragon fruit and drink fresh coconut water last week for a few days, that colour says it all, eating that can only be but healing, what we eat is what creates this body this life our emotions our relationships

all fruits share different lessons, this was one of great surrender and faith in myself, plants have been, and continue to be great teachers and alleys on my healing journey🙏🏻🌿 

Health comes when we make space for it, to busy not the right time, like anything, if you want it, you gotta give it attention, intention, focus, make space, the funny thing is, when I got out of my own way, with all my stories of why it wasn’t a good time now

…taking care of my body effortlessly made its way into my life, as I chose my well-being above everything and everyone, cause remember, ‘what we do for ourselves, we do for others.’ 

Even clearer, refreshed and energised was my mini-reset shift, plus got SO much clarity on my purpose work and moving forward

🥥Coconut water

🐉dragon fruit


makes an amazing true Self hormone balancing cleansing awakening smoothie!

As I am lifted, 

All are lifted 

#truth 🌬⭐️🦋⭐️

If I can do it. You can do it!