Before I went to Peru back in 2019 to go deeper with plant medicine, I’d done a lot of cellular cleaning detoxing cleansing purifying of my body and mind so I could really feel and know and allow myself to witness and release the past and trauma that lay deep in my body and cellular memory, and truly transform myself.

I was in a place to actually listen to grandmother Ayahuasca, I owned the sexual trauma that happened for me at age 5, that then allowed me to understand so much about my life, why I went through an eating disorder, addictions, emotional eating and chronic dis-ease, all of which I have healed naturally, allowing me to move forward with my life – and LET GO. 

She told me back in 2017, but I wasn’t ready to hear her, as my body was full of toxicity, clouding my trust to accept and release lower vibrations to shift to a higher frequency and way of being respecting and loving in my body, I always wondered why I couldn’t hear her wisdom her voice, she was so suppressed by all the toxicity in my body, from over a decade of abuse. 

It was this truth that unlocked so much healing, see when we get to the core, the root, here is transformation. We all have trauma sent from God, that is for us to feel and heal so we can transform and therefore embody our ultimate true-Self, free from all limitations, into illumination and truth. 

They say we only use what 3% of our potential, so imagine as we unlock more and more what we are all TRULY capable of, it’s infinite. We are eternal and the journey is expansive, merciful and bold, full of so much joy, peace love and bliss, if we allow it in – by clearing out the old, 

You are reborn ANEW.

New Moon Blessings & love♥️🌹♥️